The Murder of Leiby: Painful Hindsight

Overwhelmingly, on a visceral level, all I can think is: Oh, these poor parents!! My heart aches for them and would no matter what the circumstances that led to the horror of eight year old Leiby Kletzky's kidnapping and murder.Then introspection sneaks in.  I have no right to second guess them. They did not choose to put their little boy in harm’s way and obviously thought they were making the right decision in letting him walk home. And if that is what he wanted to do, kids can be relentless in wearing you down....more

Lights On or Mouths Open?

In a well-intentioned movement crossing the country, people are leaving their porch lights on in honor of Caylee Anthony. Impotence in the face of tragedy is a common and terrible feeling.  But there is far more that can be done to remember a doomed child then turning on a light.Christian Choate was 13 when he died.  He had been imprisoned in a pet crate, a cage, in his parent’s home for over a year before he perished, starved and beaten.  People had known about the abuse, but nothing was done to save him....more

Heartbreaking, But Justice Worked

If Casey Anthony had been on trial for having a personality disorder, she would have been found guilty in an hour.  There was a mountain of evidence to support that charge.  But her jury bravely and rightly came to a just conclusion – while her behavior was despicable, it was not proof that she murdered her little girl.   This verdict was especially symbolic in a week that started by celebrating the basis of our Democratic p...more

I appreciate your kind words.

It is just a horrific story, but like I said to Jen, people ...more

The Best Things I Have Done Since Learning I had MS

Well, the biggest mistakes I made were all pretty big and pretty dramatic. The best things I have done pale in comparison, mostly rather small and practical, but things that have helped all the same. Best Thing #1: Writing my Blogs Hands down, the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, period....more

MS is so different from person to person and from day to day. We do have to listen to what ...more

The Five Biggest Mistakes I Have Made Since Learning I Had MS

I am a relatively smart person, but I have made some pretty dumb mistakes in my life. A lot of the dumbest of the mistakes came after finding out I had MS. I thought if I listed the top five, it might save someone from repeating my blunders.MISTAKE # 1:  Not immediately making long term financial plans....more

April 10, 2011: Where Has the Time Gone?

Where is the time going?  It seems as though it simply slips through my fingers and the next thing my children are grown and I am 56 and I wonder how on earth did this happen? It was only yesterday I was a student in nursing school with four children and a husband.  I went to school, managed the kid’s schedules, came home and made dinner for six every night, got the kids washed, homeworked and into bed and then studied myself....more

Hearts with the Japanese

No one can look at the devastation and ongoing tragedy in Japan without being moved.  While thousands have perished and that is terrible enough, the survivors are facing deprivations of food, water and shelter.  Temperatures are in the freezing range and today it was snowing in the hard hit areas.  Couple that with the nuclear threat and the scope of the disaster is overwhelming....more

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

It is easy to whine about having multiple sclerosis.  It is a constant companion, ever nudging with miserable reminders of its presence.  An entire month dedicated to its awareness?  It is painful to contemplate the 31 daily posts, actually multiply that because I could write a dozen a day, about the wretchedness of this disease. The challenge? How can we raise awareness without numbing people to the complaints about how awful it is?...more

My dad has non-degenerative MS. We did several fund-raising walks in our neighborhood till it ...more

A Mother's Grief and the Cruelty of Strangers

The Internet has such power for so many amazing, good things. Blogging has brought me wonderful friends and such fun. But individuals with twisted minds and radical agendas can make it an ugly, ugly place. ...more

A Right to Privacy

Recent local tragic events have become news nationally....more