When Is a Book Not a Book?

I recently added a badge to my Bookworm blog pledging to read the printed word.  The controversy over a “real” book as opposed to an e-book shows no signs of ending, with many of us bemoaning the potential loss of books to electronic devices.  “A Kindle is not a book!!” the deepest part of me cries.  ...more

Five Years On: I am an MS Renegade

Five years ago this month the phrase Multiple Sclerosis entered my life as a possible diagnosis. I was 50 years old, had never been sick in my life and I was so stunned I could not even say the words, never mind acknowledge the prospect. ...more

I look forward to reading your posts about MS. (I'm already a fan of your book blog.)

~Denise ...more



I get so many compliments on ...more

Superbright? No Home Ec for You!

I am following Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court with interest.  I think it is especially significant that she is reported to be pragmatic and open minded.   Partisanship is the lethal logjam in our political system. However in an article in today’s New York Times, there is an incredibly obnoxious quote from one of her former classmates at Hunter College High School that really got up my nose:...more

A Day at the Park

Thursday I set foot for the first time ever on an auto racetrack.  Well, not the actual track, but the park it is in.  I drove down from my home on the central Jersey Shore to the south west part of the state, where my cousin was photographing the race cars.  New Jersey is a small state.  I have done a lot of traveling and I like to drive.  But with the exception of the Steve part (oh, and a very nice woman I met and chatted with), my day was fraught with…fraughtness. ...more

My Cousin Steve


I love the sound of his childhood home. It sounds lovely. What great memories! :) ...more

MS Fund Raising Walk 2010

Three weeks from today, Sunday, April 18, 2010, friends , family and myself will be taking part in the annual MS Fund Raising Walk. It can be a fun day. There is a party atmosphere, we walk along the boardwalk and the company is great.But it is an event I would gladly pass up. Because it is an annual reminder of the fact that I have MS and that this incurable disease has devastated my life....more

Anniversary: Nourish Turns Two

What a ride it has been!!I started Nourish with the idea of creating a support group for losing weight.Instead, I have gained an additional 50 pounds. Maybe I should have started a support group to gain weight.I was soooo earnest and serious when I started out. My son was getting married in a few months and I was going to the gym almost every day. I was swimming, blissfully. I could backstroke in laps for an hour without pause, gliding through the water, meditating and praying as I went. It felt so good.Then came…The Fall....more

Jackie's Month

Not many people love January. It’s unpredictable, it’s cold, it’s blah. For me, since I found out I had MS, January has been Jackie’s Month.Jacqueline du Pré was born in January 1945 to a musical family, but of all of them, she was special. She was a genius as a cello player, a prodigy. Her passion and unique style raised eyebrows but made classical music cool in the late sixties. Here is Jackie playing Elgar, conducted by Daniel Barenboim, who was her husband. It is magical....more

Commonplace Medical Care: Good Enough?

Once a month I go to an oncologist's infusion center to be given a medicine called Tysabri. I have no idea where they got this ridiculous name, because it has no resemblance to the generic, Natalizumab. I will readily admit Tysabri is better than Natalizumab. But they are both pretty darn bad. Tysabri is a relatively new treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. It came out in 2004 with a lot of promise. Studies were showing it slowed the progression of MS by 68% over a placebo. That is pretty awesome. There was one tiny little hiccup. ...more