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SketchBloom is the digital studio of Miti Aiello. She is an Italian artist, designer/architect, professor and poet currently based in San Diego, California. Her background is in the Humanities, Art and Architecture. She takes inspiration for her art from her surroundings, and everyday objects of design and of Beauty. She keeps her sketchbook always at the ready!       

History of Architecture: Analysis and Synthesis Through Visual Notes | Paper Abstract

Drawing by Jackie McDowell. I am posting the first of a series of samples of student work from the exhibit  History of Architecture: Analysis and Synthesis Through Visual Notes....more

NABLOPOMO HERE WE GO! The Flaneur Lives (and gets published)

It is that time again. November First-ish, and like every November I will try to join the marathon of Nablopomo, and maybe even Nanowrimo. I have failed so far in my previous attempts to post everyday, and while i know that the definition of madness is doing the same thing expecting different results, every November finds me with renewed hope. I have good news today....more

Beyond right and Wrong: The Mystics


Boulevards are Poems: Drink in Ideas

Sketching at Bassam II {and two poems}

 Sketching at Bassam II {and two poems}November 5, 2011 by sketchbloom  | Edit...more

Beauty of the Rain {Paris Days}

 Beauty Of the Rain {Paris Days} November 4, 2011 by sketchbloom  | Edit...more

Dialogues in an Echo Chamber

 Fill in the blanks. Ink on Miquelrius paper. October 2011. ...more

Calling All The Heavens {Paris, 2011}