Skin Care Krew

The Skin Care Krew, as we know it today, has been in existence since 2010. To know how we got here, you have to understand where we have been,

Our physician, Dr Fanny Louton has been in practice since 1991 when she established Blair Plastic Surgery with her husband, Dr. Robert Louton. As the aesthetic surgical practice grew, Dr Fanny realized that there was a need for medical skincare as an adjunct to surgery and opened the Centre for Cosmetic Medicine and Laser Center. 

Dr Fanny committed to offering her patients one on one quality, individualized care. Frequent follow up and product and ingredient knowledge became just some of the qualities Dr Fanny became known for. 

In 2008, Diane and Rebecca joined the practice and under Dr Fanny's guidance became members of the Society Plastic Skin Care Specialists. 2010 brought Elizabeth into the mix, and  with the addition of her expertise, the Skin Care Krew was formed.

Now, our team specializes in a variety of products, ingredients and treatment modalities! We use our time with our patients to learn their skin and customize their routines to fit their lives and goals. Have you thought about your skin today?

Seasonal Skin Care

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does your skin need to breathe?

We hear this every day in the office. A woman will come and in while reviewing her skin history, she will talk about breaks that she takes from products, make up or both to allow her skin to breathe....more

My skin is a desert!

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