Lily Dey

Author, Coach & Founder at 

Lily began her career as an IT professional and later qualified as an accountant in the corporate sector.  This exposed her to the many challenges facing women in industry, which she became an ardent advocate of. After being awarded a Google Global Community Scholarship and being selected as a StartingBloc Fellow, she chose to focus on this passion full-time and trained as a life coach, to continue the work started by her blog in providing women with sensible solutions to move their lives ahead in a fulfilling direction.

Lily's coaching experience began in 2004, when she gained a strong foundation in core coaching techniques through 800+ hours of service as a Nightline volunteer.  She went on to gain formal qualifications, including a Certificate in Personal Performance Coaching and trained in cognitive behavioural therapy, transactional analysis and NLP techniques.  She is also an Affiliate of the Association of Coaching.  Alongside her private practice, Lily also undertakes pro bono work as a Teach First Coach and works with various charities.

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