Taken from memyselfandaphrodite.blogspot.com I am a thinker. I hover and pause whenever plausible and try not to linger too long on crappy stuff. That's why I've taken up yoga- well, it might not actually qualify as 'taking up' quite yet as I really only go every ten days or so ... but then again, key word is try. And if you don't try, well then ... you know the adage. I have three gorgeous children and have been married to my husband for almost fifteen years- he says I am his beacon; which I suppose, depending on the day could translate to guiding light or warning light. Hmmmm. I have two giant labs that force me to vacuum at least once every single day. I play Yahtzee with my kids, play piano (sort of), play chess against my computer and sometimes, I still play make believe- at least in my head. Don't laugh- you do it too ... everyone wants to be a Superhero sometime, right? I highlight my hair, remember my dreams, workout like a banshee and drink too many margaritas in the summer and too much red wine in the winter. And, need I forget, I am addicted to Starbucks cappuccinos but will generally take any well-prepared offering the twin tailed siren and her muses can concoct. And I like my life- I really, really do.