Katie Sluiter

Katie Sluiter is a freelance writer and teacher who should probably be grading papers or changing diapers but is more likely pinning, tweeting, or just overusing social media in general. She chronicles all this on her blog, Sluiter Nation and on her facebook page.

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Imagine the Possibilities

One of Eddie’s favorite birthday gifts was a “sidewalk art” themed gift from his aunt MacKenzie and uncle Dave....more

I Am Not Alone and Neither Are You

At the end of my last therapy appointment, my therapist of almost three years said to me, “so do you know Katherine Stone? I thought of you when I saw that she is behind the blog Postpartum Progress. She was the MC of the conference on PMDs that I attended last week.” I smiled ....more

upgrading, yo.

Next week Cortney and I will be eligible for new phones...more

We Are Water

I love Wally Lamb. ...more

Project 365 {week 27}

Holy crap! It’s JULY! June 29: It’s summer ....more

We’re On Each Other’s Team

Cortney and I have a really great relationship and strong marriage. It’s one of the things I am most proud of in this world and feel so grateful that such a wonderful friend ended up as my life partner. We get asked a lot what they secret to our marriage is and if it’s really as awesome as we make it look online ....more

Off He Goes

Dear Eddie, When you...more

Orange is the New Black

I’m not sure if you noticed, but there is always a story as to how I came to reading each book that I decide on. I had...more

My Other Ex

When I was a kid, I used to lie on my bed on Sunday afternoons and plow through one, maybe two books in an afternoon. Once I had read all the craptacular YA lit that our local library had to offer back in the late 80′s, my mom started bringing home Agatha Christie mysteries for me to read. ...more

Project 365 {week 26}

So this week was pretty awesome. June 22: Grocery shopping with this guy. June 23: Happy birthday to our FIVE YEAR OLD! ...more