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Not really so smart, but a real smart ass.

I'm the writer behind The Smartness, where I write with razor-sharp, self-effacing honesty and humor about life with my husband, four children, and her remedial ovaries. I'm an 8th grade English teacher by day and a gangsta nerd superhero by night. JW Moxie is to Kym as Slim Shady is to Eminem. Word.

When I'm wearing the online gangstafied persona, I work as the Staff Scheduling and Teen Writer Coordinator at AimingLow.comI'm also the Public Relations Representative of

I've been featured on (What It's Like to be a Surrogate Mother) and I was included on’s lists of top mom and infertility bloggers. My post "Balance" gave me cred as a 2012 BlogHer Voice of the Year.


Advice from a Surrogate to Intended Parents

I am a former gestational carrier. In 2006, I delivered a healthy baby boy to his parents. Unlike most other surrogates, I have also experienced a personal battle with infertility. Due to a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I needed fertility treatments to achieve each of my pregnancies. Which means that while I have the perspective of a gestational carrier, I also have been an expectant mother after infertility. Being an expectant mother after infertility is an emotional blend of excitement and worry. Being an expectant mother via surrogacy adds in a unique layer of feelings and concerns. ...more
I always knew that if I ever had kids, it would be through surrogacy but there never was any ...more