Becky Smith

Photography, peanut M & M's, graphic design, thrift stores, fun costume jewlery and occassional bouts of solitude make up the list of things I love. 


 For fifteen years, my family led an unusual life, living full time in an RVand traveling the country doing concerts in churches.  My husband and I wrote songs, recorded twelve CD’s, sang, played instruments, drove a large R.V. rig, set up a lot of musical gear, and took down a lot of musical gear.   


During those crazy and amazing road years I also had two babies, homeschooled the aforementioned babies (when they were a little older) and cooked meals in an RV kitchen in thirty-five states.     


We left the road in 2002 when our then 6-year old daughter was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, an aggressive, nasty, hard-to-survive pediatric cancer.  (She is now a 10-year survivor.)


I've had a cancer challenge of my own, as I've gone through breast cancer, a double mastectomy and reconstruction. I am doing well although I occasionally regret turning down my plastic surgeon’s kindly offer to turn me into Dolly Parton. 


I've been (mostly) joyfully married for thirty-one years to Steve, a man I love and like.  A lot.   He is a pastor in a quaint North Carolinian  town on an island near the sea.  Our son, Nathan his wife Meagan, and our daughter, Sarah (18) give Steve and I plenty of reasons to smile.   


I am happy for the chance to get to share the stories of our lives at

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