They Literally Make Shit Up

"They," of course, is the United States Supreme Court. The majority are either members of or are connected with the fascistic Federalist Society which seeks a way to screw over the American people to benefit the rich, even if they have to make stuff up and disregard precedent.The Hobby Lobby decision literally undermined the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Now non-religious, for-profit businesses are free, under the phony-baloney guise of religious conscience, to openly discriminate ....more

News, Etc.

Obituary: You may not know the name, but certainly would know the voice: Dick Jones, 87, voice of Pinocchio in 1940's Disney classic, has died. He was only 10 years old when he got hired for the part, but, according to the AP obit, he had appeared in some 40 films._____ ...more

Washoe County School District Gossip

Shed some tears for former chief Mieras, who can't talk about his termination, and therefore you know the separation is a done deal. This agreement is in exchange for not suing the school district. He made only $120,000 a year plus benefits including a generous pension, plus his wife is working as a teacher making over $60,000 a year ....more

Washoe County School District Gossip

It's possible Superintendent Pedro Martinez was influenced by an outside report when he sacked police chief Mike Mieras last week.Video: ...more

If Obama and Duncan Were Sincere About Helping Title I Schools,

they would use tax breaks or student loan forgiveness or bonuses through grants to encourage experienced, highly-qualified teachers to work in Title I schools. Of course, many of them already do, but it is true that these schools tend to have an abundance of inexperienced teachers working in them.As an aside, this sounds inconsistent with the administration's apparent support of TFA and other scab organizations designed to undermine the professional teaching force. However, we KNOW Obama and Duncan couldn't give a shit less ....more

Warren G. Harding: The Untold Story

After decades of secrecy, the letters between President Warren Harding and one of his mistresses, Carrie Fulton Phillips, are now being made public.Harding was basically a dumb guy who was a failure as president, but he was a great success as a world-class cheat. His wife, Florence, was way too good for him and probably could have been president herself. She was vastly more accomplished and intelligent than he was ....more

Ed Etc.

I really don't care what Obama thinks of TFA or anything else, for that matter. His presidency is a disaster. It's a train wreck of Chicago-style corruption gone national.He and Duncan need to be impeached and removed from office over their illegal education policies ....more

Ed Etc.

In this article from last year, we learn adjunct professors are treated just as poorly if not worse than K-12 substitute teachers._____No hope for teachers, it appears: Yet another sellout or mole wins the presidency of NEA._____ ...more

So Much for a President Warren

It seems she is just a little too acquiescent to the same old Beltway bullshit as the rest of them.As somebody in the comments noted, she would never have been allowed into the Senate in the first place if the elites thought she was any kind of real threat to them at all.Bernie Sanders looks better and better all the time, but some commenters thought he was just as politically toothless as Warren.Face it: Liberalism has been marginalized for the past thirty or so years thanks to neoliberal infiltration ....more

It Doesn't Matter

The charter school "movement" may be imploding, but it doesn't matter at all to the privatizers. If you are of the neoliberal mentality, you don't believe any public institution is legitimate since the "right" to make money by any means, even through outright fraud and theft, is paramount. The "charter movement" is just means to the end to all taxpayer-funded education ....more