I'm a Christian woman in my late 30's who finally got real and Sober. I am recovering from a car accident in Feb/10 so that's sure to pop up. I have 2 hilarious girls, a husband and a dog to blog about...I cannot promise where this will lead but you're sure to read about my Faith, Serenity, Wisdom and Courage.



Learning to Trust Your Mind Again

As I've gone about my daily life these past 38 (even though I still feel 27) years, there's been something going on I wasn't aware of, an undercurrent within my own life which I didn't feel pulling me down. ...more

Well I found you at The red Dress Club, CWO, The Lazy Christian and now here. I'm really not ...more

Battling PTSD witih EMDR and Scent Therapy

Here I am again in Dr. White, my Therapist’s home office. It’s a cozy spot full of eclectic pieces from his travels around the world. The carpet has a beautiful Indian print; the house must be at least 100 year old with lovely sweeping balconies which I can see from where I sit....more

I'm currently doing EMDR therapy too, for PTSD from childhood trauma. I'm also 2 1/2 years ...more

The Clueless Binge Drinking Brigade

Binge Drinking, let's discuss shall we? What is Binge Drinking? Wikipedia Definition: Binge drinking is the modern epithet for drinking alcoholic beverages with the primary intention of becoming intoxicated by heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time. In our 20's there's a group of us ladies out there who found it acceptable to partake in this event on average 2 times a week, let's call them The Clueless Binge Drinking Brigade....more

Blingy Club Mommies

When my first daughter was born I was eager to know all the information a Mommy would need, I scoured the Internet for months preparing myself for illness, developmental milestones, the newest learning toys and anything that I could add to my arsenal of Mommy hood to prepare myself and my Darling Daughter. Fast forward 7 years, add another child and the challenges of life and here I am....more