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Good Morning Evening Noon and Night (silly southern girl),

I am so happy to be back on BlogHer again amongst all you talented and insightful women. Currently I have decided to totally commit myself to writing and completing my Doctorate program. I am looking forward to the discussions and reading all of your blogs. 



The Twerking Diaries

I have no idea why this is such a huge deal. As I have mentioned in my last post, people have been shaking their azzes since the beginning of time....more

Miley Cyrus and the Finger on Television!!!

I’m not the one to sensationalize certain tragedies but there was no way I could pass up this opportunity without giving my 2 cents and a dollarl. I understand that Miley Cyrus is an adult, but at least have some class about yourself....more

Twerk It, Twerk It, Twerk It!!!

Worst Job interview EVER

I am working on my PhD right now and juggling a baby and a husband. I held a Social Working position for two years while pursuing my doctorate so its safe to say that I'm an educated woman. BUT!Yes there is a huge But! I analyze myself daily and I know exactly how Tracie works, how Tracie thinks, and how Tracie reacts. I'm a realist. Job interviews are not the best settings for me to shine. lol The last interview I had was so horrible I didn't no whether to laugh or cry it was so funny and devastating. It was a phone interview. I know what you are thinking. Really? A phone interview?...more


The social services field consists of an assemblage of factions that involves a multitude of players who attempt the impossible... cohesively facilitating the protection  of abused and neglected children.If you've ever been involved in the social services system, you are aware that there are the social workers that manage the dependency portion of the case, and social workers who manages the foster homes where the wards of the court are placed....more


We are all guilty of complaining about our job, co-workers, and supervisors for one reason or another. In the world of Social Work, these issues are exacerbated two fold, and often cause serious debilitating stress and anxiety. Throughout my journey as a SW, I often interview my cohorts to get their perspective on our career and their ability to cope with the chaos that ensues around every corner?...more


I have had ample experience with parents suffering from mental health disorders and frankly, it can be quite frustrating. The worst mental illness that I have experienced as a social worker is Bipolar Disorder. There is absolutely no way to predict if a parent will treat you like the messiah or curse you into tears. I recently received a case in which the mother suffered BPD, which immediately raised my excitement level because mental disorders are intriguing....more


[youtube=]  Check this out! You Won't Be Disappointed...more