Christine Willmsen

I'm a journalist sharing the passion of food from a single person’s perspective. The Solo Cook blog is a single's guide to cooking, gardening and going out on the town. To often people say they don't cook or go out to eat because they are alone. But I explore food from its original source to the plate with stories, helpful tips and suggestions as well as recipes on cooking, entertaining, gardening and solo living.

As an award-winning journalist for more than 20 years, I’ve written about many serious topics and subjects. Now it’s time to share my personal passions with you. I hope to inspire everyone to take more adventures with food.

The benefits of a juicing cleanse

The multiple benefits of a Juice Cleanse...more

Recipe for Squid Ink Pasta with Scallops

Squid Ink Pasta Adds Color to this RecipeWant to jazz up your pasta dinner with a little color? Try flavored or colored pasta like squid ink.  While the thought of squid for some people may make them say – yuck- I know many of you are daring enough to try it.My video will show you just how easy it is to create this visually stimulating dish that combines squid ink pasta, scallops and fresh vegetables....more

How to Cook Scallops

 Learn How to Sear Scallops Like a Pro Scallops are the prefect food for singles. They are fast and easy to cook and very healthy. But often my friends say they are intimidated by trying to cook these pearly white discs of sweet, deliciousness, often getting mixed results. The best way to cook scallops, especially if you have a busy schedule is pan-searing them over hot heat with some simple flavors. When seared correctly, scallops are creamy, sweet and carmelized on the outside....more

Five ways to ripening garden tomatoes

With shorter days and colder nights in the Pacific Northwest, it's time to make sure your tomatoes get ripe so you can enjoy them in salads and in cooking....more

Three fun ways to enjoy Bainbridge Island for the day through food, walks and a museum

Three fun ways to enjoy Bainbridge Island for the day through food, walks and a museum...more