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When not blogging about dating and relationships. SingleInMy30s also writes about health and wellness. She is editor for an online daily news publication in northern Connecticut. Her freelance work has appeared in numerous publications, including the San Francisco Chronicle, The Hartford Courant and Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women. SingleInMy30s is also a singer/songwriter, cat-mom, world traveler and nature lover, who loves to view the world through the lens of her digital camera. You can follow her on twitter @SoloAt30

The Appeal of the Exotic Woman

"I haven't really been in serious relationships," he told her when he finally called her back. "Maybe that's for a reason. Maybe I'm not supposed to be here, but down in Brazil." With a Brazilian woman. She wasn't Brazilian, not even a little bit. What was she to do? ...more
@MichaelRiley Who says that "exotic" women are more attractive or more feminine? Women of any ...more