I'm a northern born girl that headed south as soon as possible. My gentle sensibilities are politely hidden under a tough as nails candy coating. I want to teach,save, right the wrongs of the world and cook in my kitchen. I'm a mom, grandmother and a darn good friend. I love to travel, write and learn old things all over agan and this time take the time to get it right. I believe in service done well and if you do something do it to the best of your ability. Don't blame others for your circumstance and if you don't like it change it!

Sothnhospitalitynall, a life well lived, designed, traveled and crafted amid the hot flashes and the humor.

Around the world in 55 years...add to that 4 kids, 5 grandkids and a husband to beat the band that can ski the mountain backwards, sail the boat, and drive the car, swing the golf club and smoke that darn cigar! Life has been an adventure of hotflashes, baby spitup, walk the floor worry about kids that come in late, husbands that irritate and amaze, weddings, funerals, mood swings that qualify me for Cirque du Soleil, surgeries, some that bring home this thing that poops,spits, cries and steals my heart.., some that just give me another scar.  I''m a twisted sister!  ...more