Riding through the ups and downs of the life I've been given.  I hope to make you snicker along the way, so come see what's going on today!

Two Years Later And I Don't Know Any Better

It's been almost 2 years (two years???) since I wrote this, but I'm very busy making a quilt and my blogging skills are lacking, so I'm reposting....more

Way Too Cool


Tales of A Fourth Grade Something

Do you remember the book Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing?...more

It's That Time Again

It's time to go visit Project Run and Play to vote for my sister's creation before Thursday night....more

Coconut Deliciousness

I found and pinned this recipe Chocolate Coconut bread recently and then, as I do with many recipes, I thought about it a lot....more

Pink and Denim Quilt

K-ster has suddenly ripped every pair of jeans he owns, so I had a bunch of denim hanging around my sewing room....more

Help A Sister Out

The other day, I shared with you the insane sewing, drafting and designing talents of my sister a-ster....more

Literally Taking Things Literally

I am a well educated person....more

Even My Crayons Are Too Fat

I had a very strange conversation at school the other day that reminded me of this one: "I don't like you so much. For one... You smelly and for two... ....more

How I Started With One Idea and Was Overtaken By Another

It seems to be a running theme these days....more