Riding through the ups and downs of the life I've been given.  I hope to make you snicker along the way, so come see what's going on today!

Using Geometry Without The Tears

Have you noticed that women are kind of obsessed with bags?...more

I'm My Mother's DAUGHTER

I'm not sure if I need glasses, if I'm oblivious or if everyone else is using Botox, but I've lost the power to read people's faces and determine their age.I don't mean like 25 vs. 26 or 50 vs. 55...more

Amazing Salsa Recipe- From The Grocery Flier!

Being an avid fan of saving money, I cannot go to the grocery without reading the circular to see what I should buy....more

Super Sunday Smilefest #3

Welcome to another Super Sunday Smilefest!...more

Breaking And Entering

I get a lot of flack from people because I don't always lock my vehicle in parking lots....more

If I Wanted Tropical, I'd Move to the Tropics!

Just as everything is looking gorgeous around here: ...we're getting warnings about a tropical storm due to hurricane Arthur....more

Who Doesn't Love A Package?

A couple of days before school got out, a student and a his special education assistant walked into my room with a small package....more

Discovering My Old Sewing Machine

You might remember that I am a big fan of my Bernina sewing machines and that every so often, I figure out something new about them.I had a fitted sheet that had lost its elasticity, but otherwise was totally fine....more

Group Fitting Room, Party of One, or Two

picture from here I had the most bizarre experience at Land's End today. Actually, it wasn't Land's End, it was the Land's End at Sears.I was looking for a new gas grill, more on that later, and as I passed by the Land's End, I was blown away by the $10 tank tops. That's like a price tag from the olden days, so I grabbed a few and decided to try them on ....more

Super Sunday Smilefest #2

Welcome to another Super Sunday Smilefest!...more