Eileen Eady

Mother, Writer, Teacher.  Changing the world one day at a time.

Supporting Our Teachers

Looking for  Soldiers by Eileen Eady Recently I got my current issue of "Education Matters" a monthly publication from the Association of American Educators.  I was disappointed to find such a negative publication toward teachers. This is my letter to the managing editor. Teachers all over the country are under attack. We are barraged with parent complaints, threats of test scores being used to determine employment, and pressure to bring students up to grade level who come to us behind....more

Educators for Reform

by Eileen Eady My fellow teachers and parents: Throughout history we have seen injustices in our country battled. We fought to get the vote for women and minorities. We, Americans, have seen change come from voices united in protest to unjust situations. Now as we go to our classrooms and schools every day we are marching into a battle zone. The time has come for the Americans in this country to unite and fight for the most important issue in the country....more

I realize that teachers are not the only ones responsible for educating our children and I ...more