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Sleep tips & Soothing relief from St. Joseph

Some days it seems like a blur and others it seems like an eternity has passed since Braylen was born. I may have forgotten some of the details in between (which is why I'm thankful to have this blog), I may have forgotten some of the sleepless nights, but I may never forget the overwhelming feeling that being a new mom brings. Don't get me wrong, I was overjoyed, over the moon happy when I first laid eyes on her in that hospital room. I was in love, in a love like I had never felt before....more

Learning As You Go

Becoming a new mom means starting a new guessing game. You do learn things about your baby pretty quickly, but of course it does take a little bit of time, and even still, there are going to be occasions where you think you know and you just don't. It can be fun guessing, but it can be stressful if you feel like your baby is in discomfort. Try not to stress, though. You will figure it out and don't be afraid to seek advice. Babies are innocent in so many ways. Their bodies are developing as are their brains....more

On being a first time mom...

I remember vividly being handed this tiny little person for the first time and realizing, well shoot. Ok, so now what? Does this thing come with special instructions? Does the hospital staff come home with me for the first month or two? And if not, can I just stay right here in this hospital room 'til he goes to kindergarten? There are a lot of fears that go along with being a first time mom. You are more careful, extra worried about germs and ohmygosh you had better wash your hands before you come within ten feet of my child....more

Newborn Sleep Tips

Newborns are the absolute sweetest ...until it's time to sleep and that is the last thing on their sweet little minds alllllllllllll night long. Julia screamed almost the entirety of her first night in the hospital which set the miserable stage for her the first several painful and virtually sleepless weeks of her life. Sebastian was better but not by much and Theo is by far our best newborn sleeper. What are we doing differently? Maybe nothing and I don't even have a full two weeks of life with our third newborn under my belt so take my advice with a grain of dubious....more

My #1 Tip For New Moms: Master The Swaddle!

"The first couple of weeks after your baby is born, she is a delicious-smelling adorable little bundle of sleepiness.  You go around telling people, "oh, she is such a good baby!  She never cries unless she is hungry!  Must be because we have such gentle temperaments and stellar genes!  Best.parents.ever!" Sleepy newborn goodness.It isn't your gestation skills. Being born is exhausting.And then?  She turns, like, three or four weeks old....more

Swaddling Saves the Day, and Night

"Our two boys were totally different babies. Grayden was super easy going and always happy. He was a great eater, had a great sleeping schedule, but could also go with the flow from day one. Then, we had Sadler and thought he would be the same easy baby like Grayden was, but boy were we wrong! He needed constant attention, had terrible reflux, wanted to be held twenty four hours a day and cried A LOT!But one thing they both liked was being swaddled! "...more

I love thrillers and suspense films

It’s totally movie season right now with the Golden Globes just ending (how fab did Tina Fey look??) and the Oscars right around the corner, that I’ve been on a total movie kick. I just got a sneak peek of Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects, which I’ve been super excited to see and which also comes out on February 8th. I am a total Soderbergh fan (Traffic is my fave), adore Rooney Mara (not only is she a super talented actor, I love her fashion sense), and was excited to see Jude Law back in action (we’ve miss you Jude)....more

Ridiculously excited to see Steven Soderbergh's new movie "Side Effects"

It looks interesting, suspenseful, totally thrilling, and very provocative. The moody lighting, choice actors, and sensual music, together intensify these feelings, beckoning me to go out and see it February 8th when it's released. If I'm being completely honest though, I'm a teensy bit apprehensive to watch it, even though I want to so badly. It's a catch-22 because I have a hint of a phobia surrounding pills -and medication in general, and just viewing the trailer stirs up that emotional anxiety. But that's the point of suspense thrillers, right?...more

Side Effects Nails – Win a Trip to NYC!!!

Mark your calendars, there’s more Channing Tatum headed your way! Next month on February 8th the movie Side Effects will hit theaters, starring Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and a southern favorite, Channing Tatum (ok, maybe we’re slightly biased because he recently opened a joint down here in New Orleans, Saints and Sinners, making him more locally accessible in some small way, but did you SEE Magic Mike?!). And really, it’s not just because of Mr....more

After previewing this trailer I can wait to watch it!!

Since having our daughter, the hubby and I tend to spend most of our date nights ordering in and dominating the couch! All we want to do after a hectic day is relax and unwind together watching movies and catching up on our tivo'd shows. We LOVE watching trailers for movies (since we can't do that very often in the theatre) and getting a little sneak peak at good ones that are coming out! After watching the trailer for the thriller/drama Side Effects we can't wait to see it!...more