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My Kid Swears. And It's All My Fault

So my darling ten-year-old son has a problem. A problem he's had for many years. Which is that he can't sleep in his bed. He can't sleep in mine, anymore, either, so he ends up sleeping on a sofa most nights, to be closer to me. Because I won't let him sleep in my bed (since 2009) or in my bedroom (since 2012) in an attempt to get him to sleep where he's supposed to. But that's not his only problem....more
Rita Arens  Zack's primary ego response, as with many ten-year-olds, is: "I want to do what I ...more

It's Time for a Frank Discussion on Vaccinating: Don't Be a Jerk

At the same time that Jenny McCarthy is learning that people are attracted to people who vaccinate their children, Kristin Cavallari is being hailed as the next Jenny McCarthy for her public statements on how vaccines cause autism. ...more
AdrianneEStoneMy thoughts? Your post is based on sensationalistic, skewed data presented by the ...more

Why Sheryl Sandberg Wants Us To #BanBossy

Those of you reading this post who know me will be shocked -- SHOCKED! -- to know that I have been called 'bossy' in my lifetime. Like, maybe even yesterday. In fact, when I was running Redbook magazine, my semi-official nickname among the team was Miss Bossypants -- and this was six years before Tina Fey's book came out. I even tried to name my Redbook blog Little Miss Bossypants, but, alas, someone else had already claimed it. Image: ...more
Obviously being called "bossy" didn't set you or Sheryl Sandber back too much!  Redbook and ...more

2014 Oscars Fashion Recap: Best Dressed, Prettiest Trends

The Academy Awards red carpet saw three major trends in 2014: ethereal gowns, bold and simple statements, and grown-up glamour. Images: Read on to see all the red carpet dresses and trends! ETHEREAL ...more
Julie Ross Godar Karen Ballum  I LOVE Lupita's dress. I like most of the ones on here except I ...more

The Weekend I Learned That I Really Am A Guy's Guy... er, Gal

I love men. I have always loved men. But I didn’t start loving men first because of my father. It was because of my brothers, and the friends I made growing up....more
Glad we could have dinner at Mr B's together!  Another great Dad 2.0 indeed.more

Voices of the Year Submissions for BlogHer '14 Are Open! PLUS: Introducing Photo of the Year!

It's one of our favorite days of the year here at BlogHer: Today, we officially open submissions and voting for the 2014 BlogHer Voices of the Year, to be honored at the BlogHer annual conference this July! This year, it's our seventh annual VOTY ("voh-tee," as we like to call it), and part of our historical TENTH ANNIVERSARY Celebration, BlogHer '14!...more
When will we know who won the PhoTYs?  Will that not be announced until BlogHer 14?  I apologize ...more

It's Not About Lisa Bonchek Adams' Dying; It's About The Status of Journalists Dying.

There's a lot of talk about writing in this crazy whirl of plenty that is content. But editing -- deciding what stories to tell and how they are told -- is in many ways even more important, the invisible architecture behind all that we see and read....more
SuniverseThanks, Suni. I am pretty bossy in my way, but I sure as hell don't feel the need to ...more

Why I Glued My Dog's Ears to His Head. No, Seriously.

Have you ever found yourself doing something in life you thought you would never, ever, ever do? ...more
From what I can tell I don't think his ears were deformed by his cone. I think he was meant to ...more

The Dream of a Perfect Family: One Woman Tries to Remake Her Troubled History

It's the most wonderful time of the year: that time when we get together with our loved ones… and sometimes grit our teeth and bear it. We all hope for happy family memories, but sometimes that's just not what life has in store for us. ...more

You Know You've Been Blogging Too Long When ...

Remember when the whole idea of "blogging" was fresh and new? When you had to explain to everyone around just what the heck "blogging" is? And when "blogging" always had quotes around it, because no one knew what to make of it? ...more
When your kids laugh at your ten followers on your blog and are "twitter Famous" and have ...more