The Dream of a Perfect Family: One Woman Tries to Remake Her Troubled History

It's the most wonderful time of the year: that time when we get together with our loved ones… and sometimes grit our teeth and bear it. We all hope for happy family memories, but sometimes that's just not what life has in store for us. ...more

You Know You've Been Blogging Too Long When ...

Remember when the whole idea of "blogging" was fresh and new? When you had to explain to everyone around just what the heck "blogging" is? And when "blogging" always had quotes around it, because no one knew what to make of it? ...more
When your kids laugh at your ten followers on your blog and are "twitter Famous" and have ...more

10 Questions for Canadian Woman With Surprise Birth of a Full-Term Baby

There are many complicated things about baby-making and baby-having. It's a pretty consuming ride, from the point that you decide you want to have a baby allllllll the way through to the day that you finally have said baby, sometimes with months and years and tears and worries and adoption and other things all leading up to that one great day, when, AT LAST: BABY....more
"Are you going to take parenting classes? Because parenting requires a very strong set of ...more

50 Shades of NO: Worst Halloween Costumes, Ever

Do you really want to scare your friends and loved ones this Halloween? Freak them out by dressing up as the kind of person who would choose to wear any one of these truly horrifying costumes. We had a little fun with the worst of the worst costumes -- see for yourself! Dog With Boobs ...more
bklynstacy BlogHer WendiAarons ElisaC The dog with boobs costume was Katie Bar the Door.more

[NEW FEATURE!] Must-Follow Mondays: This Week, Humor Blogs

Mondays are so.... darn Mondayish. So here at BlogHer, we decided to perk up that longest of weekdays with some Must-Follow magic. Each week, we'll make a list of some of our favorite blogs in different categories—humor, vegan with attitude, biracial and multi-racial families, you name it—to help you discover fabulous new voices (and some of the all-time classics) that you can follow right here on BlogHer. ...more
I'm speechless, but thrilled to be included on such a fantastic list - thank you!more

Swoop and Skimlinks: Help Us Learn Best Practices to Earn Revenue for Bloggers!

At BlogHer, we are forever focused on your success as a blogger—whether those achievements for you are about finding a passionate, engaged audience for your writing or recipes, or about creating new ways to derive income from your work and your influence. Or both! We never want to put boundaries on your goals. In fact, we want always to expand them. ...more
I understand but I like to also try new tools to see t what occurs. I understand Jenna you have ...more

French Chic, On The Cheap! Catherine Malandrino at Kohl's

There is a certain something—a je ne sais quoi—about French women's style. It's casual, but polished. It's devil-may-care and very feminine....more
@neversaydiebeauty Woo-hoo! You go! Wish I had a Kohl's close to me.more

Emmy Awards 2013: The Red Carpet Fashion Recap

I hear that people watch television shows and go to movies. I, however, watch fashion. I am much more fluent in the designers' names than I am the actresses' (because men's awards-show fashion, no matter how much they try, does not a headline make), so please know that this post is very much all about my favorite sport—red-carpet commentary—and not so much about the shows themselves, though I certainly have my favorites. ...more
I think Zooey Deschanel looks the best out of allmore

When Will We Stop Counting the 9/11s?

It's September 11 again. And I'm dreading it. I want September 11 to go back to being just another day in the early fall. Is this wrong?...more
Thank you for sharing. My husband and I were just sharing similar sentiments on the evening of ...more

Memo to School Administrators: Afros and Dreads Aren't "Faddish" Hairstyles

UPDATE: The Deborah Brown Community School administrators held a meeting Monday night, September 9, and voted to change the wording of their policy that led to one 7-year-old girl's being sent home for wearing her hair in dreadlocks—though that will not convince the girl's family to keep her in that school. Tiana Parker has already enrolled and been accepted elsewhere. ...more
Having archaic rules on the books is one thing, enforcing them is another. I got mad. My 14 year ...more