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I'm Jaden Hair, a professional recipe developer, food columnist, and food photographer specializing in fast, fresh, and easy recipes for the home cook. Jaden Hair is a television chef, food columnist and award-winning food blogger at Steamy Kitchen. You can watch her cook twice a month on Daytime Show, syndicated in 120 markets. Jaden is a food columnist for Discovery Health, TLC and for Tampa Tribune. Jaden is a cookbook author of The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook. Jaden is one of the most influential food people in social media. She has been featured on the Today Show, CBS Early Show, Martha Stewart Living Radio, Oprah.com, and Parents Magazine. Jaden was recently one of the hottest women in food (blush) and also one of the best food bloggers on Forbes.com as well as The Daily Meal. Jaden is a mom of two little boys, Andrew and Nathan, who love to eat almost as much as she does! Her husband, Scott, is also part of the Steamy Kitchen team, he’s the web developer that makes the magic on this site happen, otherwise known as the “.com” of business. See Media Page for list of press mentions, television appearances.

My Blogs

Grow: Aquaponincs, what to do when disaster strikes

Now I will admit I am a lazy gardener. If there is an easier, simpler way of growing my own food then I will try it. The ease of an Aquaponics garden is one of the things that appealed to me ....more

Nathan’s first hamburger buns recipe

This is a post from my son, Nathan, who is 9 years old. It’s his very first post! ...more

Giveaway: Lumsing Portable Speaker and Bluetooth Keyboard

Lumsing—Keep connecting, keep simple. Time is limited, but things needed to be done are so many. Lumsing aims at helping you release your time and enjoy wonderful life ....more

Giveaway: Tribest Mason Jar Personal Blender

I’m a big fan of this blender! I’ve been using it to mix my homemade salad dressings direct into a mason jar. It’s so convenient ....more

Amazing Wok Invention

I’d like to say I’m venture capitalist. Or at least pretend to be one. I’ve backed just a total of 96...more

Indian Chickpea Dal with Coconut Broth

When we first moved to Florida, we weathered through big hurricanes like Charley, Andrew, Wilma, Jeanne…I can’t even remember all of their names! At the start of every hurricane season, (right now) I take inventory proceed to stockpile on food, water, cash, batteries and gas for the generator. As a foodie, I mentally prepare a list of “gourmet” recipes that I can prepare if and when disaster strikes ....more

Giveaway: $100 Whole Foods Gift Card

Summertime means cherry time! Whole Foods Market is celebrating the highest quality, plump and sweet cherries available. Cherries are a great addition to sweeten up any summer meal from breakfast to dinner ....more

A beginner again

I grew up very typical Asian-American. Which means, all those funny “signs that you were raised by Asian immigrant parents” – ABSOLUTELY TRUE!! Okay, well not all of it, but certainly the mandatory piano lessons part ....more

Giveaway: Sherwood Housewares Milk Frother

Bring home all the comforts of your favorite café with the Sherwood Milk Frother. Cappuccino topped with thick hot froth. Iced lattes perfected with a cool froth ....more

Vegetarian Korean Japchae Noodle Recipe

Scott’s garden yielded a bucket of sweet potatoes...more