Commercials I Hate: Free Credit Report Shut UP!

It's ying and yang time, people! Since my last post was all about how much I love commercials, this one will be about commercials I hate. Well, it's really one commercial in particular, but because it's also an ENTIRE ANNOYING SERIES, it's commercialS. Plural. ...more
I always get the song in my head even if I just see a glimpse of the commercial while I am ...more

Must-See Commercials

This may well be the age of TiVo, but I think I might love commercials. Rich with Snuggies, John Hodgman, and creepy-yet-mesmerizing Prius spots, commercials can be pretty damn entertaining. So why are we all doing our level best to make sure we don't see any of them? (Except during the SuperBowl. [Well, it used to be "except during the SuperBowl," because the SuperBowl commercials are fairly sad heaps of noise and products these days.]) ...more

When I was in university there was (and I think still is) a sort of art-house type of movie ...more

Prius is Out and Smart is In

Look, I know product placement isn't new, and I know that the placement is becoming so ubiquitous as to be practically non-noteworthy. Long gone are the days when characters drank generic cans of beer or ordered a "soda" without specifying which mega-brand they wanted. In fact, product placement is so common these days that I've stopped being outraged over it. Now, I'm just interested in how the products change and what sort of impact they have as a product. Are they cool? A joke? Something to envy? A lead balloon? ...more

I've had one for 11 months and it has served me very well so far. Everyone who has been it ...more

Friday Night Lights Not On for Some

Up until last fall, I did not watch Friday Night Lights. I mean, what in the world did I want with a fictional Texan high school football team? However, while waiting for cable to be hooked up in a new apartment, I found myself with nothing good to watch. So, with Netflix and Hulu's help, I mainlined the first couple of seasons of FNL and fell hard for the fictional Texas high school football drama. ...more

I was the kid at every home football game with my back to the field.  (I was in marching ...more

Become a Member of the Community

I'm interested but a little scared.  I love the setting, seems well written, and I ...more

Dear Vampire Diaries: How Hot is Your Vampire?

How many of you out there have been bitten by the vampire bug? Okay, a few. How many of you have been bitten by the vampire bug and don't want to admit it? Yeah, there's quite a bit more of you, I think. ...more

Back again. :D

I'm in to my last season (7th) of watching Buffy via rentals. When I'm ...more

Baby Blues for The Office

"'Shipper," "'shippiness," "'shipperhood." Those words -- used to describe your allegiance to certain fictional characters getting together with other fictional characters -- make my skin crawl, as do the multitude of forums and sites devoted to the discussion of said 'ships. ...more

Honestly, I think the American version of The Office has gone on too long. How many more ...more

Mildred Pierce: Remake Heaven or Hell?

Seriously? Is there anyone who likes a remake? Look, I'll admit that ever since I was a child with braids and an anxious expression, I have been extremely resistant to change, but I could count on one hand the remakes that I've actually liked: The Office, Battlestar Galactica, and...I'm out. However, I'm notoriously picky and a bit brain-dead from new mothering, so feel free to jump in the comments and tell me which remakes you've actually enjoyed. ...more

Maybe Ocean's 11.

I can't think of a ton more, I know my dad could. He's often heard ...more