Vegan, liberal, tree-hugging, peace-pushing, bookish, irreverent, emotional, camera-happy, anti-Bush, animal- and nature-loving. Daughter, granddaughter, sister, partner, friend, dog-mom. Freelance editor & writer. Arguably odd and definitely neurotic.

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Hola, new friends. Given that I'm posting in the "Introduce yourself" forum, I suppose it goes without saying that I'm new here. I am a vegan, tree-hugging, feminist, progressive, high-strung, emotional, animal-loving, tofu-eating, family-devoted, peace-pushing, bookwormish freelance editor & writer. And all of that is obvious here: A Vegan Editor's Life of Words (and animals and politics and nature and family and food). :) (If you're wondering what on earth "vidadepalabras" in the URL means, I won't go into the details here, but if you ask, I'll gladly respond; it is also explained in detail on my Web site.) ...more