Stephanie Mansueto

 I posted my first blog entry on in September of 2000 and have yet to look back.  Being social always came natural to me and since I am without humility, I have no issue sharing the grit of my life with the world.  I recently wrote on my blog Mommie Beerest what I feel I have gained from blogging for twelve years.   I work as a marketing manager for an internet startup focusing mostly on B2C blogging and affiliate marketing. 

On my personal blog I write mostly about my family but occasionally will post about food I enjoyed or beers I drank.   I am bit of a craft beer nerd.   My family consists of a great man named Chris, three young children, and a dog who I do not always get a long with.  We live in South Florida. 


Two Beer Geeks Tour The Mid-West Craft Beer Scene.

I wrote about our first day in Michigan last week on my personal blog. I had the intention of breaking these posts up by day but that was too ambitious. We have gone to too many breweries and too many bars at this point. Tomorrow we fly out of Chicago and head home. Since my Detroit post we have gone to three states and visited over 20 breweries. My liver is tired and we are both homesick but we are still having a great time. ...more