Kimber Beech

Kimber and her husband currently live in beautiful Western Wyoming with four of their seven children, as three have flown the coop the nest. While growing up mainly in the cities of the south eastern United States, she has come to appreciate the simple joys and laughable situations she finds herself in, married to a cowboy and living "rural." They have recently moved from a 200 + acre farm miles outside of a town of 300 people in Montana to a smaller farm on 2 acres outside a town of 300 in beautiful Wyoming. This move was precipitated by a job change her sweet man was blessed to have come his way! This move will give her more time to pursue her favorite activities of up cycling and re-purposing  furniture! 

This blog is meant to share the joys, challenges and daily struggles ofa large family, and of a woman who bends and molds herself into a self proclaimed "counterfeit country girl." She has found that the series of struggles, fortunate andhumorous events have strengthened and expanded her understanding of  parenting, life, relationships, and faith. Kimber has a passion for learning the art of homesteading and sharing heradventures in hand crafting, canning, and living simply. As a couple, she and her cowboy have the ultimate goal of purchasing their own land and learning to live as much "off the grid" as is possible in this day and age!

 Her pastimes include creating a beautiful home within a tight budget, navigating the life of her children, singing,  songwriting,  face-booking, creating,  reading, writing, crafting (which occasionally includes dangerous power tools), attending activities with her girl friends, and country swing dancing with her husband. 

She believes that laughing, kissing, holding hands, relishing the sweetness of children, supporting families, staying positive in the face of whatever life throws your way, and celebrating faith is the way to a healthy and lovely life. Simplicity of life is kind to the soul and does not allow one to get caught up in keeping up with others. It is a deep hope those who read this blog will be blessed and find a little something to brighten up and encourage them on their path.

A Little Love In Your Heart


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