10 Gift Suggestions for Book Lovers

You would think that people who love books would be easy to shop for but that's not always the case. They love to read but do you always know which books they've read or that they want to read? Probably not. Gift cards for bookstores are always appreciated by a book lover (really!) but sometimes you want to go beyond the gift card. Here are some suggestions for the book lover in your life that are (mostly) not books. ...more
I love all of these! If you want some great book ideas, here are some of my new ...more

Romney Campaign Caught Between Storm, Election Day

Superstorm Sandy devastated major parts of the country, tripping up Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign as it tried to adjust strategy just one week until Election Day. Naturally, the concerns for the several dozen believed dead in the wake of the storm takes precedence over all else as does the relief efforts to help those in need....more
He should be losing ground if people begin to finally understand the implications of his ...more

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Scam Month

The people who are not aware of breast cancer are our most vulnerable populations: poor, uneducated women who don't speak English. Who is pouring money into getting out into underserved neighborhoods with culturally, linguistically, and reading-level appropriate materials to let ignored populations of women know about their risk? I can barely summon the strength to get into the stupidity of raising awareness for breast cancer, getting women free mammograms because they have no health insurance, and then not having any comprehensive program in place to help them when these same women find out they have breast cancer. Raising awareness is not useful if we aren't also going to do actual, concrete things that save women's lives when they discover that they have it. ...more
It's time to re-think pink.

Recycle That Bra, Lady!

What to do when a bra has reached the natural end of its life? If you're a D-cup girl like me, you say a few words, weep a bit and maybe play a bugle because that patch of lace-and-wire hydraulics has done you (and society as a whole, really) a terrific service. But these days, we have to stop and think about anything before it goes in the trash: Can it be recycled? That old nasty bra? Why yes, yes it can....more
Here's a great cause:

GOP Is Party of Diversity -- If 'Diverse' Means Women And You're For Mitt

Energy is starting to pulse in the Tampa Convention Center as the GOP delegates intone their roll calls, announcing their votes for Romney. And yes, votes for Ron Paul, too. Early in the count Alaska named six of its 24 delegates for Ron Paul, to a mix of boos and cheers, and then six states went on to cast a majority of votes for Paul: Oregon, Virgin Islands, Minnesota, Iowa, Nevada. Notably -- and, it must be said, strangely -- only the Romney votes are being called out and confirmed in the official count from the podium, creating a stir of confusion in the room. ...more
How dare the Republicans call themselves diverse or the party for women. They have admitted that ...more

Watch Now: The Real Katie Couric's Video Invitation to BlogHer's Community

Oh thank heavens, the real Katie Couric has finally been released into the wild. Check out the true confession buried in her video below ... see what I mean? Get ready for a barn-burner of a keynote at BlogHer '12 -- and read on for an opportunity to participate yourself: ...more
Katie, I am so excited to see you in person at BlogHer. You have been such an inspiration to my ...more

A Summer of Movies: What's On Your List?

As the weather warms up, so are this year’s summer flicks. It’s all about those comedy/dramas, with fresh indie plot lines, the family movies that parent’s look forward to just as much as the kids, the action packed sequels to the poetic documentaries. It can be really hard to pick through all the up and coming films, to decide what's worth seeing, so I’ve broken them down for you, category by category, with some definite must see pictures....more
Two of my favorite movies of the ...more

BlogHer '12 Voices of the Year Submissions Are Open!

Four years ago, a lone microphone stood on an empty stage in a ballroom in San Francisco. A crowd of BlogHer attendees sat waiting, not entirely sure for what, as Eden Kennedy walked out onto the stage and began what has now become one of the most eagerly anticipated events at the annual BlogHer conference -- the Voices of the Year Community Keynote....more
I accidentally clicked the wrong category for my last submission! Is there any way you can ...more