Dana, we hardly know you!

Gray hair comes with entitled privileges. I've lived long enough to tell everybody what I think, whether my listeners are receptive or not.Now being older, youngsters fifty-nine years and below, have to be polite and don't dare get up and walk away when I speak to them.And so, with that fully acknowledged, you will find yourself in another valuable BlogHer Peep Post....more
 @Kraken Yes! There are many nuggets that Dana freely gives. So many consultants make you work ...more

The City Quilter, NYC

Third in a series of Five NYC posts.Fabric arts stores ooze posibilities......just like a new legal pad and freshly sharpened pencils waiting to write an anticipated manuscript. The Universal Law of Possibilities decrees there are no limits to genius when proper supplies are purchased. It's true. All that's needed is quality supplies.Surely, inspiration and perspiration follow. Or not....more
 @SunbonnetSmart.com But you still have to run fast!  Either that or carry a cane.more

Hoppy Easter, Dear BlogHers

Festive holidays always seem to make me thankful. I spend my time thinking of the excitement of holidays when I was a child in the 1950s. Spending time at both grandmothers' houses one after the other, morning maternal, afternoon paternal, ensured an never ending array of attention and presents.I was all for that. Still am....more
 @pegylu Hello there, Peggy! Love seeing you over on this side of BlogHer. Thanks for coming to ...more

The Wisdom of Little Women

Owning a business is like being the conductor of an orchestra.The instruments can be tuned, the notes learned and the music played, all by the individual members, but to have the vision of oversight, to understand the whole piece and how the various parts are to be played together takes a leader with vision, foresight and timing....more
@elaineR.N. Hello there, Elaine! Thank you for coming back to a Blast from the Past. Thanks for ...more

BlogHers, Three, in NYC

Second in a series of four posts:#1 Sunbonnet's Big AdventureUp in New York City, on 7th Avenue, I headed out to the BlogHer meeting. ...more
 @JourneyofLife Yes, Angela! I have found BlogHer and the bloggers that populate it to be tried ...more

Sunbonnet's Big Adventure

Every now and then, little Sunbonnets get the most AMAZING e-mails.On Wednesday, March 21, I was invited by BlogHer to meet with other BlogHers on Friday, March 23, in the Big Apple....more
 @Jane Collins Jane! Aren't you nice to come over here and give such compliments. Thank you very ...more

That's Amazing, Grace!

Well, heh-heh-heh, my plan worked!Thanks to all of you, your comments, your greetings, your salutations, Grace Kull, our recent birthday girl, has decided to join BlogHer.com and I couldn't be happier.Of course, the odds were on my side. Grace and the wonderful BlogHer community could not be kept apart, if I tried. This coming together was in line with powerful intergallatic cosmic forces, in that good attracts beauty, and beauty attacts good....more
 @alienbody Alien! Yes, I have been in awe of Grace, I figured it out, for almost thirty years. ...more

Spring's Grace

The First Day of Spring! What a wonderful day......for many reasons.March 20 is also Grace Kull's Birthday.And, it's not just any birthday, it's her 90th.She'll be celebrating all week with her older sister, who is 95....more
 @cookingwithkary Kary! My Chef! What are you cooking up tonight? SO GLAD you are checking in. ...more

Help Ring the Peace Bell

Let us use the moment of the Equinox to join together to send Peace, Love, and Light to Mother Earth and to Humanity.Peace Love, and Light,Barbara Wolf What a beautiful place it would be if we could give each other the world.A world of peace......more
I guess I missed world peace day, but i am constantly in pursuit of peace...  :)more

Cats Anonymous

Ha! OMGoodness!The cards and letters are coming in.Now that I have publicly posted about having seven cats, other members of the BlogHer community are reaching out to say they also have numbers of cats, but have been afraid to admit it.This morning, in the quiet of the early morning, a help group has been formed: Cats Anonymous.In writing back and forth to share my all time favorite cat movie clip, I decided to go public with the group, its mission and our mutual goal of healing....more
 @Thoughts Appear  @feelingbeachie  Looks like we are members... YEAH!  So glad, aren't you? :)more