The Trachtenberg System of Math

Math! Ag-g-g-h! Who  can say the word without tensing up, unless you are a math whiz? But what if there were a disciplined set of simple rules to remember? What if you could use these rules to successfully manipulate large numbers in your head without pencil and paper? You can, by learning the Trachtenberg System of Mathematics. Be the first on your block and amaze your friends!...more
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Encore Videos

Over the weekend, I received an encore e-mail from a good friend. Because this e-mail was from a good friend, I had to take these You Tube videos very seriously. It didn't matter that I had already seen them, looking as I do on YouTube to find just the right touch of audio visual class to add to my web site. I had to sit and watch them again, because a good friend had sent them and, well, loyalty to good friends is what I do....more
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Wintry Days with Emily

In the course of courses in graduate school, I lived through New York State winters. Because I have been imprinted with the snowflake horror of shoveling monotony from October to Memorial Day, at the first snow fall, which happened for about twenty minutes today here in Washington, D.C., I feel compelled to enter into a seven month, self-imposed monastic existence. I become contemplative, make hot tea and ponder things. Great things. They must be great because I am pondering them.For instance, these poems by Emily Dickinson.......more
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Bring Back the Sugar Bowl

Maybe I saw too many shows of Little House on the Prairie, where Mrs. Ingalls got money out of the sugar bowl hidden away in the kitchen cabinet. Or maybe, it was when I was little and first watching TV when The Real McCoys, who lived on a farm, got out the sugar bowl in an emergency. I'm not sure when it was that I was imprinted with the idea of sugar bowl financial security, but it just won't go away......more
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Happy New You!

Once a year it happens. Starting over in a big way. Everybody. All at once. Once a year, the old year goes out and the new year comes in. As soon as the ball drops at Times Square in New York City, those of us here on the East Coast, know the New Year is starting and the train has left the station!...more
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Ban Bacterial Bigotry

Sometimes, the things we have come to believe are not true or are not completely true. Disease causing bacteria can be dangerous, but so can the treatments, drugs and preventative steps we have been told to follow. By studying other forms of information, in addition to that presented by the main stream media, we may obtain a more complete picture of what is actually happening....more
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Amish Scrapple

When I think of Scrapple, I always think of maple syrup, because at our house, we always trickled maple syrup on top of the fried slices. We didn't have Scrapple often and when we did, it was never homemade. I still thought it tasted great, that is until I ate the real homemade product at the table of my Amish friends.......more
Hubby and I have been talking about having a couple of chickens, and yes, maybe even getting a ...more

Amish Fried Corn Meal Mush

Corn Meal Mush is amazing. Nutritious and good for you, it can be made ahead, sitting in your refrigerator, waiting for a quick meal or snack. There was a time when a household always had mush in the kitchen, like most Amish homes today. But, slowly, this mainstay fell by the wayside as people became more sophisticated, or so they thought.......more
I grew up in the south and my mom would make corn fritters fried in bacon grease with eggs and ...more

Blogging Probiotically

I blog probiotically every day while working on posts or actively posting. Can you tell? Do I look any different than everybody else? Well, I know it's hard to see me from where you are, but, let me tell you, I sure feel better than I used to. Getting my digestive track straightened out by following the advice of the Weston A. Price Foundation really changed my life...and I just HAVE to share it ! I want you and yours well, too!...more
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Jolly Free Dolly Download

What we do for each other just makes the holidays! Driving all over to find the perfect gift. Spending weeks trying recipes and planning menus. Hustling, bustling, phone calls, flight arrangements, driving for hours, new clothes, washing old clothes, knitting, sewing, cleaning, stringing lights, talking about the in-laws, smiling when they arrive and doing the happy dance when they leave. WHOA! What a lotta fun! It's just amazing what we do and what we have done for us in return during the holiday season....more
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