Christmas Lights for Virginia

On Saturday, December 22, 2012, Virginia, BlogHer's HomeRearedChef, wrote a great post titled, "Might Your Neighbor Have Too Many Christmas Lights?" When I read it, an image of our neighbor down the street immediately popped into my head....more
The electric bill must be their own personal Halloween!more

The Obvious Game, Now in View

Good news! BlogHer's own Rita Arens, Senior Editor, has moved ahead in the publication of her latest book, The Obvious Game. On Thursday, December 20, 2012, she shared the Cover Reveal for this, her first young adult novel and invites you to the party....more
@Cindyhuber  Thank you, mi Amiga Cindy!    :)more

Twas the Last Night of NaBloPoMo

Wow! Can it be? NaBloPoMo goes so slowly and yet, so fast. ...more
Robin - Congrats on your NaBloPoMo badge!  This was really fun take on the Night before ...more

Virtual Vacations

Needing some time off without the time, money or energy to go?Don't feel left behind. Go on a virtual vacation. I've been going on them for years, since the 1980s. I find the whole experience very rewarding, refreshing and recreational. And, when I say recreational, I really mean re-create-tion-al....more Little outings here-and-there is what we are planning.    :)more

Can't Beat an Egg Beater

I love new fangled kitchen gadgets, but wouldn't trade my old fashioned, heavy duty egg beater.Why? A zillion reasons. For one, my grandmother used one and every time I use mine, I'm reminded of cooking with her. Then, I like using hand power knowing that if the grid goes down, I can still make whipped cream. Finally, I enjoy putting my energy into my food, feeling a connection with the eggs as they get frothy and the raw cream as it whips up. It's just plain satisfying to feel the power of the beaters create a tasty treat....more
@HomeRearedChef Ha! Engineers love the gears...and the egg beater's got plenty of 'em. :) Go Bob!more

Do You Have A "Manna?"

On June 29, 2012, our area of the east coast was hit with 65-75 mile an hour winds and much damage from fallen trees.Power was out for days with half a million residents in Montgomery County, Maryland affected. We were only out three days and our freezers held so we had no loss of food and besides, we didn't leave town. But, some of our neighbors did leave, rather than live in the dark. When they returned, they complained about having to throw away food, many hundreds of dollars worth. At the time, I didn't know there was anything else to do....more  I just wanted to come back and read all the comments again, and then send ...more

Blackstrap Gingerbread, with Lemon Sauce

Traditional foods provide traditional health, the robust health carrying our human species down through the millennia....more
@HomeRearedChef Hey there, Virginia! So glad there are molasses fans at your house. I just love ...more

Blackstrap Molasses, Traditional Food

Aye! Blackstrap Gingerbread with Lemon Sauce, an original recipe by SunbonnetSmart to be shared tomorrow, if ye be good and read what's below!...more
@elaineR.N. Oh Elaine! How I love to read your Comments. You are always so affirming. How did ...more

Simple Simon Says

Wow! Let the audio-visual Thanksgiving weekend continue. Can't seem to stop....more
And so here's another show I don't watch, sweet bird. I'm sorry, because what can I contribut ...more

"Breaking Bad": A Well Choreographed Flamenco [Video]

Being habitually behind the popular culture eight ball as I usually am, it was a while before I got into Breaking Bad. I didn't like the violent noises coming from the other room. Included were shrieks and cries of anguish, and that was just from the family audience watching....more
@KarenLynnn Karen Lynn! Thanks for your noticing the Feature. I was tickled. Love the attention. ...more