Founded by Sunshine, SunshineStyles has been delighting eBay customers with amazing fashion bargains since 2000. Over 37,000 satisfied customers will attest to our impeccable service, unbelievably low prices, and great selection of designer treasures. Over the years, many of our enthusiastic clients have asked us how our company was started. Here’s our story of how it all began: With the arrival of her second child in 1999, Sunshine left her successful career in professional shopping, retail management and customer service training to focus full-time on her family. Soon afterwards, she discovered eBay and realized a way to use her skills and expertise to bring others the terrific fashions she loved while still meeting her important obligations at home. Sunshine always enjoyed bargain shopping, and, like most mothers, she had accumulated quite a few pieces of kid’s clothing as her children grew older. Looking on Ebay, she saw that some of the items she had were quite popular. So she took photos of the clothing and set up an eBay account to sell them. To her surprise, the items sold quickly. eBay was so much fun that she looked for brand new items to sell on this exciting auction site. A short time later, on one very snowy Virginia day, Sunshine was at the mall, pushing a stroller and browsing the many stores. She happened to pass by a display of Banana Republic cashmere scarves for under $10 each. She bought a few of them and promptly sold them on eBay. And, just like that, a new fashion business was born. Since then, Sunshine's passion for helping people look their best drives her to work hard to become “the Nordstrom of eBay.” Like Nordstrom, SunshineStyles strives every day to earn your trust and shopping loyalty by bringing you huge discounts on the very best merchandise. Sunshine and her staff are totally committed to your satisfaction and exceeding your highest expectations. In celebration of her nine-year anniversary as an eBay Powerseller who provides fantastic bargains on top fashion brands, Sunshine is proud to bring you—this new, user-friendly web site that will make it even easier for you to find the great treasures we have to offer every week.

Baby Sling Warning coming soon from US government- moms must read this!

This week I saw an article in my local paper about the dangers of baby slings, which many moms use to carry their babies.  Since I have a new baby niece whose mother loves babywearing, I was really concerned and passed on the article to all of the new moms I know.      Basically, they discovered that small babies can easily suffocate while being carried in a baby sling, and many have died in recent years.  I remember when my kids were little, we used the slings a lot, and noticed that the baby was down so low inside the sling that they couldn't ...more