I am a Jesus loving momma who's kind of hippy-ish, married to an amazing man raising three beautiful boys (6, 4, and 7 months) with one princess who is 2. I am in my 3rd year of homeschooling my kids.  We garden and are trying to move toward more self sustained living. My husband is one of the greatest blessings in my life, but Jesus is the biggest blessing!  I love being a mommy, baking, quilting, sewing, and doing things the "old fashioned" way.  I take on a lot of projects, and I finish most. ;) I settle for nothing less than the best in my efforts. I am obsessed with real food, real milk, and done from scratch; all the hard work that comes with that is SO worth it. :)  I love blogging on Christian based parenting and homeschooling, crafting, self sustained living, and cooking from scratch.  

     I don't mind getting a little dirt under my fingernails or a little play doh smashed into my shirt.  We work hard, and we play hard...and we love eachother like crazy.  Fueled by caffeine, chocolate, and a love for each adventurous day, I march on.  It's a ride.    

Buying Our First Home

     We are buying our first house.  Not in December, after we've saved up a huge downpayment, but right now.  I'm am shocked and amazed by what God is doing in our lives right now.  In this moment, I cannot believe that it is actually happening.  I know that it is His hand because of how smoothly it has all gone.  Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father, right? ...more

Don't Take My Sunday Away - Thoughts on Parenting Young Children

     "I'm working on Sunday."  Four dreaded words that my husband nonchalantely threw my way Saturday evening.  Sunday is this small haven in a week of chaos.  Sunday is a day when I know I don't have the weight of having to do everything all at once bearing down on me.  Sunday is a day when I get to visit with friends, quilt, play xbox with my husband (yes, we do that sometimes!), or do something else fun together.  Sunday is the day we go to church and I get to see other adult humans, many of whom really understand what I go through day to day....more

Simple Living: Buying a House

     I've been blogging a lot about this book on simple living.  Well, my real life has provided us with an exercise in practicing this on a big scale.  We are getting ready to buy our first house.  I have this dream homestead in my mind complete with chickens, the dog breed I've wanted since I was a kid, an outdoor kitchen for when we have friends over, and the biggest garden I can get away with.  My husband wants the biggest house his money can buy, turn-key ready, and the dog he has always wanted (not the same one I want, mind you.)  What constitues simple living in a home purchase?...more

Simple Living (Lessons 11 and 12)

     My 30 days of simplifying are stretching into 60 days.  I feel like living simply is a state of mind though, and not so much a race to organize.  I don't mind that this tiny book is taking me a long time to complete.  The more days I focus my mind on minimizing, organizing, and making things less complicated in my life, the more it will become habit....more

Making Meatballs and Other Ways God Makes Me Uncomfortable

     We all like to be comfortable.  We like soft sheets, clothes without scratchy tags, food that makes us say "Mmm"; we even talk to others about how comfortable they are.  "How are you guys doing?""Good, you?""We're good.""Good." ...more

Simple Living: Creating a Routine (Lessons 8,9,and 10)

     These last few days' lessons have been things I have already been working on.  This is nice, because I don't feel overwhelmed with a bunch of new things on top of my already hectic life.  It is a nice breather.  My last post was about managing my time, and in this one, I am going to get more into what our routine looks like. ...more

Simple Living: Time Management (Lesson 7)

     This is lesson seven from the book I am reading through on how to live more simply.  I've just gotten to this point where I am either going to get rid of some stuff and downsize my life, or I am going to scream.  I have four kids six and under, and I cannot do everything I want to do.  That's alright, but I need to learn to have reasonable expectations.  If I don't, I will just be frustrated and disappointed all the time.  ...more
I enjoyed reading this post! I also struggle with getting things done that I'd like to get done, ...more

Simple Living Lessons Five and Six

     On to day five and six in my Simple Living book I am going through this month and next.  These two lessons focused on de-cluttering what comes into your house and what goes out of it.  Day five included going on the do not call registry, cancelling magazine subscriptions you don't use, and checking out your credit report.  Day Six involved organizing an easy way out of your home for things you don't need anymore.  ...more
decluttering/minimizing is a big one for me and makes me very happy :o)more

Simple Living Lessons Three and Four

     Today's lesson, number three, was about learning to set aside a quiet time each day to journal, take a walk, pray, be quiet etc.  This is pretty much my blogging time.  I have set aside an hour (or more some days) when my house is quiet since my first son was born 6 years ago.  Sometimes I take a nap, some days I blog, sew, or craft, and some days I just run around telling everyone to be quiet....more

Simple Living Lesson Two

    This weekend I kicked off my 30 days to simpler living.  The e-book can be found here; it is now $2.99 but it was free when I "picked it up".  I'm going to try to chronicle my journey through this bok, and ultimately, to a whole year of less spending, more loving what I have and practicing being content.  Isn't that a major part of happiness; dreaming big but ultimately being content with what you have right now?...more