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""Well there's a huge difference between vaginal and seminal fluid. Seminal fluid I can handle if you're my husband. Vaginal fluidI got issues." --Star Jones on The View, via Defamer ...more

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I always marvel at some of the personals sites that don't give members a chance to say much about their sexual preferences because after all, don't most over-18 couples plan to have sex at some point--if not by the third date? ...more

When my S.O. and I started dating, via Match.com no less, I decided that the 3rd date was the ...more

Susan checking in--hi there.

Hello, everyone. I had to become one of the editors of Sex & Relationships because I got divorced this past year, and--suddenly single--dove into the blogosphere before tackling relationships in the *real* world. ...more

Hi there Susan, nice to read your first post at the BlogHer site. Looking forward to your posts ...more