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It wasn't that long ago that I arrived on a new scene filled with wonder and excitement. I thought I knew who I was but didn't. What I presented to the world that I faced was molded by the 'do's and do not's' of others; all boxed up in the words "For your own good". I left a rigid and restrictive religious sect after 45 years and found myself in a world that was chaotic and confusing. Studying the field of human behavior was the beginning of an unbelievable journey to the understanding of my true nature. I have spent the last twenty years activily devoted to the never ending process of self discovery.

Living with Bi-Polar and the Jehovah's Witness Church.

James K Phillips took his own life just 4 days short of his 55th birthday leaving behind four confused adult children.  Jim had divorced yours truly ten years earlier because I wasn’t any fun.  That statement alone lends to his mental state.  Jim was Bi-Polar, rapid cycler and nonmedicated.  Too further add to the mix was the fact that he was an Elder in the Jehovah’s Witness Church.  I don’t know their current stand on mental health presently but at the time, their Governing Body did not hold with mental health issues.  ...more

Mini and Me... Purr More, Stress Less

I think that it is in the best for my future if I start taking my life cues from Mini, my kitten.  She just purrs through life, relaxed and contented.  I like you, Mini; you are just purrfect. ...more

Romney and Obama: As a Woman, What I Want!

I promised myself that I would not get pulled into the Romney vs. Obama debate.  I am not affiliated with any particular political party because I just don’t do well in the boxed up ideals as defined by others....more
This is a breath of fresh air; thanks for articulating what is important in this current ...more

What If ... Churches Were Not Tax Exempt?

If I were to suggest that in order to pay off the national debt, it would be as simple as asking the 450,000 religious churches to start paying taxes, what would you say?Credit Image: Val Entertainment on Flickr...more
 @Aimee Whetstine  I enjoyed your post...  I think there may be a general misunderstanding of a ...more

Using God to Justify Bigotry

The very First Amendment Establishment Clause is the separation of church and state.  Remarkable, isn’t it?  Puritans had abandoned the Church of England with all their pomp and universal (as known at that time) practice of rituals.  They and others came to this country with their families and friends to embark on a journey so that they, in part, could worship their creator in a way that was perceived as ‘truth’....more
@Aimee Whetstine I enjoyed your commnt, Aimee.  I agree we must vote with our whole selves ...more

BUT, I Still Have 8 Weeks To Go...

I’m in the process of moving from Virginia Beach to Arnold, Missouri and I find that I have ‘way’ too much time on my hands.  I just finished a long term contract job with Chesapeake Regional Medical Specialty Office; even though I am willing to work in the 8 remaining weeks, employment opportunities have waned.  Of course, I am the most skilled of all the worker bees and any company would be glad to have my skill set at their disposal BUT there is that 8 week timeline holding me hostage to what I can accept. ...more

Losing Sense of Time in the Written Word

My friend, Carolyn, reminded me this weekend that she had missed reading my blogs.  I guess I hadn’t thought about it much because I have been knee deep in the process of moving and working on my book. Somehow, I had let time slip away.  From my perception, I had written only yesterday. ...more

It Came Through His Poem.....

Like all grandmothers, I have a special fondness for all my grandchildren.  I am convinced that they stand out universally as shining stars and that everyone who meets them will be totally mesmerized by their brilliance, good nature, and their unique perception.  I am, of course, looking at this in a total unbiased way. Ryan is a tall handsome young man and even though he is only 16, he has a very old soul.  He wrote a poem, a magnificent poem that reflects his maturity and grace that I’d like to share....more

My Dad... I Cried All the Way Home.

It hardly seems possible but it has been 19 years since the death of my father.  To be accurate, it will be 19 years on the 5th of May.  At this time, it is Dad that I keep thinking about.  We live on but that which is in the past seems to return and visits us every year.  ...more

Grow Out Maybe, But Not Soon Enough!

I have no hair.  As I look at myself, it appears that I went in and asked for a boy cut.  It was just yesterday that I was all excited about getting my hair styled.  My daughter had a new stylist that she thought I might like to give her a whirl.  I had spent a considerable amount of time letting the last cut grow out so that I could start fresh.  I’m not even going to mention the cost…....more