Did the "Craigslist Killer" Change Media?

Philip Markoff, 24, the so-called “Craigslist Killer,” was found dead in his Boston jail cell on Sunday. He had a plastic bag tied over his head and cuts on his arms. Markoff was awaiting trial for allegedly killing Julissa Brisman, a Boston masseuse he contacted over Craigslist. He was suspected of attacking another woman in Rhode Island, and committing armed robbery against another woman in Boston. As a result of the case, Craigslist modified how certain adult-oriented services could be advertised. ...more

Women, Writing and Self-Promoting

Earlier this week, Elisa announced the 2010 BlogHer Voices of the Year. It was something that I’d eagerly been anticipating since I nominated myself right before the April deadline. Yep. I nominated myself. At first, I was nervous about it. I thought about asking a friend to nominate me, but then I thought, why shouldn’t I nominate myself? What’s wrong with saying in public that this is something I wrote and I’m really proud of it? ...more

We all know and can spend hours talking about the "nice girls don't," "spoke when spoken to," ...more

Get Off the Beaten Track in NYC While at BlogHer '10

While in New York City for BlogHer, there are many fun and thought-provoking sights to see. Many people will hit the famous landmarks, like Times Square, the Empire State Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Lincoln Center and Rockefeller Center. Those places can be great, but I also hope that people will venture out a bit and see some of the more unusual things that make New York City the most exciting city in the US. Here are a few recommendations from my book Off the Beaten (Subway) Track: New York City’s Best Unusual Attractions: ...more

Don't miss one amazing partially finished cathedral if you have a chance.
This the the place to ...more

How Many Holocaust Survivors Can Return With Their Grandchildren? Dancing at Auschwitz

When I first heard about the video, Dancing at Auschwitz, from Mir at Would Coulda Shoulda, I didn’t know how to feel. The film features a Holocaust survivor, his daughter, and her children and nieces dancing to Gloria Gaynor’s song "I Will Survive" at Auschwitz and other historic sites. I liked the idea of dancing - celebrating life in the face of such destruction and loss - but " Will Survive," despite the word "survive" in the title, didn’t seem like a good choice. Then I watched the video. ...more

I will be, and the feeling is mutual. Let's make it happen.

Karen authors the blog, more

The "Financial Abortion" Option for Men

I learned about "financial abortions" -- an upfront statement from a guy to his partner that says he doesn't want a kid and therefore, if she gets knocked up, she can't hold him financially responsible -- in an article that made me slap my head. ...more
CrissWrites The point of financial abortion doesn't address the options each partner has before ...more

Stoning for Adultery: When Women Act Like Men, the Punishment Can Be Severe

The Huffington Post reported that Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani, a 42-year-old woman in Iran, may be executed “at any minute.” Her crime? Adultery. The method of execution: stoning. Prior to being sentenced to death, she was subjected to 99 lashes.* This is not the only recent case in which a woman who has committed what is essentially a social crime has been punished far more harshly than would a man who committed a similar offense, if it was even considered an offense at all. ...more

By virtue of simple luck, I was not born in a country that treats women quite this horrifyingly. ...more

Porn: Doing Its Part to Detect Lady Cancers

The latest place to find this exciting message is in Poland. Sociological Images brings attention to a porn site that has an interactive mammogram. Seriously. All one horny but well-intentioned (presumably) guy must do is roll his mouse over the porn star’s breasts while she sumptuously pouts and he will learn to do a mammogram! Isn’t that great? Making boobies bounce on a photo is totally the same as feeling for lumps in a woman’s breasts. What a fantastic campaign that will save lives! ...more

Personally I think it is great that they are using this type of campaign to grab peoples ...more

NYC Mermaid Parade Protests BP and Also Features Lots of Glitter

Although I love living in New York City year round, summer is truly an exceptional time for New Yorkers. Mets fans like me and Paula Satorius of Kudos & Flowers can rejoice in, uh, another season that will probably end poorly. Street fairs and carnivals abound, as amply documented by Mommy Poppins. (22 onesthat are good for kids in June alone!) And the event that ties all of this together takes place on Coney Island (home of the Coney Island Cyclones, a minor league team of the Mets): The Mermaid Parade. ...more

Shanasia Bennett Rocks for Protesting Daggering, the Latest Reason It Sucks to Be a Teenaged Girl

What seems like hundreds of years ago, I was a senior in high school. In many ways, I feel like those times were the slightest bit easier, although by no means would I describe my tempestuous high school years as easy. Peer pressure and the desire to fit in was no different back then than it is now. Girls were sexualized in the media and in popular culture. Trends came and went. Still, I did not have to contend with Facebook, digital cameras, texting, twittering or any of this newfangled technology that ramps up the pressure to do what the other kids want or pay for it. (Also, no one thought it made any sense to wear shoes with enormous platforms and 95-inch high heels, which I appreciate.) Now that prom season just passed, it's again clear how hard it is to be a teenage girl. ...more

One of the things I really like about pro-sex feminism (the kind that isn't co-opted by "Girls ...more

I'm Kvelling* and Enjoying Nokhes**: May was Jewish American Heritage Month

May was Jewish American Heritage Month. In another era, I might have had the following conversation with my mother: Mom: "It's the last day of May already! Gib zich a shokel!*** Me: "Zorg zich night!**** There's plenty of time to recap all the exciting things that happened." ...more

Great post! I'm glad you highlighted the contributions of American Jewish women. So often we ...more