Suz’s illustrious writing career started with a series of Christmas letters written for her mother.  Her blog SuzRocks began when she ran out of stamps and a tree died.

She is currently finishing a Masters degree in Nurse Anesthesia, just in case her desired ‘sponsored mountain climber’ gig is taken. Visit her blog SuzRocks, to read about adventure, altruism, and anesthesia...or die sad.  Following her on Twitter @Suzrocks may also bring giggles

My Husband Likes My Fat

Every time I wear leggings, he expresses his dislike for them. I, of course, take this to mean that he thinks I look fat in them. Because why else would a man not like skin tight clothing on his wife? I convince myself the anesthesia-school-fat has gotten so bad, he now pities me. Only, he can’t bring himself to tell me I’ve been prancing around town for the past few months with legs that look like I cook my pancakes in bacon grease. ...more

When you have a loving husband, the best mirror you can use is the reflection of yourself in his ...more