Suzzan Blac

I am a psychological surrealist, author, survivor and advocate against child and adult abuse. I paint the REAL monsters in this world. 

I am a survivor of severe and prolonged physical, emotional and sexual abuse, which began by the hands of my mother, who physically and emotionally abused me every day of my life. She also enabled one of her boyfriends to sexually abuse me. I have experienced domestic abuse, both physical and psychological. I also grew up knowing paedophiles, who sexually abused me from when I was an infant. I have experienced numerous rapes. When I was sixteen years old I was abducted into sex trafficking and forced into pornography and prostitution. I have experienced PTSD, including self abuse, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol dependency and suicide attempts. I feel that there are many missed opportunities to utilise the valuable experiences of survivors of abuse. My secondary goal is to work alongside qualified mental health agencies, social workers, professors, police agencies and the judicial system. In order to assist them in a better understanding by my experiences and insight, which could expand and enhance their teaching programmes and/ or knowledge base.

This was proven, when I collaborated with professor Claudia Paola Tapia of Barry university, Florida. Who utilised both my art and my insight into the teaching programmes of trainee social workers. My art has also been used in an anti-trafficking seminar for police agencies and judicials in Switzerland.  I have painted forty images that portray my own personal story of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. They are my expression of not just a depiction of pain and trauma, but how abuse made me feel. And also the consequences and reverberations of secondary victimisation. I paint to give a tangible voice and resonance to other victims and survivors who cannot express their own atrocities, who have suffered at the hands of others. I am now an advocate for children and adults who have been abused.

"Silence empowers the perpetrators and impairs the victims" -Suzzan Blac 2009


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