Funfetti Rice Krispie Flower Pops

I know I greeted you with “Happy Spring!” a few weeks ago with bright lemony muffins, but it hasn’t been until now that the weather has actually felt seasonally appropriate. I spent the weekend in Durham, NC at my five year college reunion (having the time of my life!) and there it was definitely warm, but returning to the city yesterday to temps in the 70s was a true treat. I think we’ve finally turned a corner here and with all the trees sprouting and flowers blooming, I’m truly hoping we’re over the worst of this never-ending winter ....more

Vegan Cookie Dough Oreos

I’m a big fan of Oreos – have you figured that out yet? Maybe it was the...more

Easter Candy Kabobs

I realize Easter is still not for a few weeks, but once I got this idea of candy kabobs in my head, I jumped on the closest holiday and ran to the candy store. I’m a candy addict (and a dentist, I know I know…), and any reason to stock up on gummies is going to get me excited. I especially love Easter candy – egg shaped candies are particularly ideal and who can pass up the pretty pastel colors ....more

Roasted Banana Ice Cream

It’s Spring. It’s below freezing out currently. Ice cream, anyone? ...more

Lemon Chia Seed Muffins

Happy Spring! I’ve been waiting for a chance to share this light and springy muffin recipe, and I figured the first day of spring would be the perfect opportunity. Lemon is technically a winter fruit, but I always associate citrus flavors with warm weather and summertime desserts ....more

Sweet Tooth NYC Bakery Tour: Momofuku Milk Bar

For my last official stop of the blog’s Sweet Tooth New York City Bakery Tour, I decided to go with my family to one of NYC’s most trendy and unique bakeries – Momofuku Milk Bar. If you’ve heard of things like cereal milk ice cream and compost cookies, then you’ve heard about Milk Bar. I stopped here a few years ago when visiting friends, but only tried a few cookies and was very excited to revisit and taste more treats ....more

Super Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

Believe it or not, there is only one chocolate chip cookie recipe on this blog. It’s my favorite one to bake and eat, the Jacques Torres one shared by many, many other bloggers as well. I’ve posted it as a cookie cake as too, and I love busting out the bread flour and sea salt for those special cookies ....more

Oreo Cheesecake Layer Cake

I celebrated my birthday this week, and while I started this blog as a girl in my early twenties, I’m now sitting comfortably in the “late-twenties” slot. Turns out Monday isn’t the most exciting day to have a birthday, so this year I’ve resorted to continually celebrating throughout the week as consolation to myself. Happy hour on Monday, potluck dinner on Tuesday, work party with cake yesterday, and possibly treating myself to a manicure later today ....more

Cookie Dough Filled Cake Pops

After a tease of a beautiful weekend, we’re back to plummeting temperatures and the threat of snow. But it’s almost March and with our first wedding of the season this coming weekend, I still have hope that spring is on its way. Around New Year’s I posted these engagement ring rice krispie treats as an ode to the onslaught of engagements, and although those treats were celebrating Marissa & Jeff, I also alluded to another special couple, Sara & Ryan ....more

Sweet tooth NYC bakery tour: Doughnut Plant

If cupcakes are over, doughnuts are on the rise (especially the yeast kind, hardy har har…). There are trendy doughnut shops popping up in every major city, and NYC is no exception. I knew I wanted to hit up a doughnut place on my tour and did a little research to find one that I thought would be extra special ....more