Late in life mom and wife still wants more - life begins now!

OMG - Stoopid

So after my last post about not getting anywhere career-wise, I found out that I had an upcoming interview for a job I had applied for and badly want.    I met with someone in HR to go over interview questions, stressed over what to wear, met with my manager and received positive feedback, and chanted mantras that I felt would help me stay calm and confident.  I was feel...more


I guess this is my week to feel angsty, because here comes another cranky post.  So my issue today is the basic stagnancy of my life - stagnant in terms of accomplishments, hopes, goals, etc.  For the past few years, honestly, my major goals were becoming a wife and mom.  And this has been accomplished (though I would love to produce #2 and not sure it will happen).    ...more


Feeling the guilt today.  I was reading an article about daycare in Sweden, and like most Canadians, apparently, was in the dark about the truth.  The article states that while Swedish parents pay very little for state-run daycares, they are taxed so heavily that most parents are almost forced into earning a dual family income.   The article then proceeded to discuss the negative effects on daycare on Sweden's children - aggression, relationship problems, poor academic performance, etc....more