Don't Be Afraid, It's Just Food

It's just food, a stove, and maybe a couple of other cooking essentials. Television chefs and amazing cooks in your own family can make the process of cooking look intimidating to the novice, at-home cook. Or like many younger people they have never been taught or even allowed into the kitchen while growing up. I personally have little desire to spend hours cooking (Especially now that the hot, summer weather has arrived.) and cleaning up the mess that is created, so most days I try to keep it simple....more

True Blood Thoughts, Episode 604

*Spoiler Alert* True Blood, Episode 604, "At Last". Sunday, 9 pm EST. Check your local listings for times in your area....more

My Love Of Composting

(It hasn't been turned for a couple of weeks, due to my back....more

Kai's 1st Day Home Anniversary

Kai's 1st day home was 4 years ago! It was exciting, nerve-wracking, and a new adventure for our up-to-then pet-free family. I've never had a pet growing up, so this was a new experience for us all....more
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Canada Day 2013!

Happy 146th Birthday Canada! What a beautiful, imperfect, but great country I live in.-I hope everyone stays safe. Please no intoxicated driving, lets all make it to enjoy another year of celebration....more
Happy Canada Day to you!more

True Blood Thoughts, Episode 603

Friday Wrap-Up, June 28th-2013

*Contest winners. Pretty easy since there were only 3, but I thank you for participating. Check your emails. *...more

Thoughts on True Blood, Episode 602

A little late but life happens. True Blood, Episode 602, "The Sun". Sunday @ 9 pm EST. Check your local listings for times in your area.-Jason meets his fairy great (who knows what number back) grand-daddy, Niall. King of his tribe. Grand-daddy is still shaking his head at Jason's simplicity. Sookie is a fairy princess. Conformation is good....more

Week Wrap-Up- June 21st, 2013

(Sunbathing, while grooming on the rocks.)It will probably be another working weekend but I have to keep on hustling....more

Year 3 of Blogging Starts Today, With a Give Away!

Thank you to those who come back to read my ramblings and to those of you who are new. I'll also congratulate myself, because although blogging can be fun it's a lot of work. There are days where I don't feel like writing a word, or uploading a photo. I blog because it keeps me writing when I feel like I can't write anything else. And as I move along in my writing I want to share the ups & downs. Who knows if anyone else is struggling or thriving along with me. It's also a great diary to look at in the future....more