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Taylor Made is a DIY Craft blog with an emphasis on home, family and art. I love to repurpose and find a way to incorporate easy projects into a busy mom's schedule. I also share the occasional recipe.

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Colorful Eclectic Nursery

The great nursery reveal is finally here! I’ve been finished for months but I just now got around to the pictures. Welcome to this girl’s Colorful Eclectic Nursery ....more

DIY Baby Leggings

It’s feeling very “nesty” around here- on the blog and in real life. I don’t have a ton of energy left so all of my more recent crafty projects have been baby related, I promise I do other things besides obsess over my baby (not a lot of other things but some). In fact we have been swimming a ton, we went to the beach last week and we are getting tile installed in our master bath next week, yay! ...more

Briar Rose Strip Quilt

9 times out of 10 I don’t buy fabric with a project in mind. I see fabric I really like, I buy it and I take it home. Then months later when I want to make something I “shop” in my own craft room and find the perfect fabric for the job ....more

How to do a Patterned Dot Wall

When I found out I was pregnant last year I was of course thrilled for a new little bundle to join our family. Soon after it sunk in,...more

Houston Moms Night Out

If you are a Houston Local this post is for you, if not… look some nursery updates later this week :) Houston Moms Night Out… woo hoo! My really fun friends Channing and Michelle started a new blog called Moms Without Answers. They are hilarious and real and they also make some pretty awkward videos :) They are hosting their first event and asked Meg and I to co-host… of course I had to say yes! ...more

DIY Leather Tote

If you are anything like me at the beginning of this project then you are scared of sewing with leather, am I right? Cause I was… I didn’t even know if my sewing machine could handle it. The Leather Hide Store asked me if I wanted to try out some leather sewing ....more

City Girl Frock from Pattern Anthology

Those talented girls from Pattern Anthology have done it again. They just released their new line called “Just Add Jeans“. The collection comes with four versatile knit tops for women, yay for sewing for yourself ....more

Out and About Dress and a Giveaway

I love to sew. I especially like to sew stuff for my house and for my kids. I also enjoy sewing gifts but I rarely make clothing for myself ....more

It’s a…

Happy Valentine’s Day! I posed a few weeks ago that we are expecting baby 3 this summer :) It’s especially fun this time around because we are sharing the excitement with two big brothers! Last time I was pregnant my first baby was 9 months old, needless to say he had no idea what was going on ....more

Scarlett, Searsucker Shorts and a Sweetheart

I am so excited to be a part of the sewing series “Sew All 26″ going on over at No Big Dill. The amazing Katy Dill is sewing outfits for her kids for each letter of the alphabet, so fun! She has been a sewing idol of mine for years so when I got an email about joining her series I ran to sign up ....more