Tamar Burton

Head of Community, 
Inspired by innovation leading toward a more sustainable planet. 

What is Your Impact from Reuse?

When I reflect on the past year of traveling through communities dotted with farms and cities sprawling with shops and attractions, I am reminded of the impact we have on our planet. The weekly accumulation of recycling for the weekly pick up always catches my attention as I view all the waste on the curb. While I find some relief knowing communities are recycling, so many opportunities to do more to reuse and reduce are ignored.  ...more

Making Reuse Convenient – Incubating Consumer Behavior Change On Campuses

The lesson of The Three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle helped us shape our view of the environment. America’s college students have embraced new solutions pertaining to reducing and recycling, but the area that hasn’t been addressed properly is reuse....more

Millennials and the Student Debt Drag


The Global Knowledge Economy: An increasingly competitive landscape

A new shift is occurring as universities around the world have set their sights on attracting students from abroad. In a quest to cultivate knowledge-based economies, governments around the world are making huge investments to improve the quality of their universities. The new bar is academic excellence. In the new global economy, to be considered well-educated, one must be exposed to ideas and people and transcend national boundaries....more

Can the Sharing Economy Cross to the Mainstream?

Following years of consumerism, technology has offered new interpretations of ownership. Competitive services touting the benefits of “sharing” and “access over ownership” have gained ground as viable alternatives. Consumers have revisited past generations’ routines of sharing, swapping, lending, and bartering. Businesses are allowing access to both tangible items and less tangible assets of space and skills. Sharing services are progressively gaining traction in densely populated areas....more

Millennials And Consumer Behavior Change

Are millennials being labeled fairly? Various studies and articles have been published in an attempt to identify and label the attributes of the generation called Millennials also known as Generation Y. In TIME Magazine’s May cover story entitled, “The Me Me Me Generation”, they were characterized as lazy, narcissistic and possibly delusional....more

Climate Policy: Transitioning Behavior Change

Forty years ago, Congress acknowledged the decades of impact federal activities had on the environment and laws were established to foster and protect future generations. The Council on Environmental Quality was established as part of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969, and signed into law by President Nixon the following year. NEPA affirmed each person’s role in preserving the environment while emphasizing the leadership needed by the Federal Government. ...more