Adventurous cook, always cooking with that Caribbean flare and looking for the next best thing that will keep me going back to the kitchen. Whether its food, utensils, appliances, decor etc... I am there. 

My name is Tamara (Gemma). My blog is mainly about "the kitchen." 

I wanted to create a blog for a long time but was always thinking about the reasons not to. Well, after using up all the excuses and realizing that I could not avoid following my dream of cooking and sharing with others, I decided to tackle this challenge. I call it a challenge because every goal or dream we try to accomplish is a learning process. I have learned and still learning more about myself and my abilities as an individual. As the saying goes, "don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today." I take that very seriously now. Life is too short and I want to enjoy every moment and try to live a happy life while following my dreams.

Spicy Cod Fish with White Wine

Cod fish is best eaten when fresh. As a popular fish, its flavor is mild and if the spices added to the dish are not right, it is easy to end up with a blend seafood dish. I cook cod fish different ways and many times I cannot even remember the recipes.With this recipe, I decided to fry the spices and herbs first in butter. The cod is also pan seared in the same pan the herbs and spices were fried. To extract all the flavors and give the cod a boost, everything is cooked in a wonderful dry white wine and finished with lemon juice....more

Potato Salad with Turkey Bacon

Potato Salad with Turkey Bacon is a simple and very lightly oiled dish. Grapeseed Oil, which is lighter than Olive Oil, gives the dish a lighter texture. This dish replaces a non-traditional Roasted Potato with Ham or Pan-fried Potato with some sort of meat.The potatoes are boiled and mixed with a dressing made with grapeseed oil, rice wine vinegar, chives, salt, pepper, chili garlic sauce for that special kick, and Turkey Bacon. The vinaigrette brings out the earthiness taste of the potatoes and makes this Potato Salad with Turkey Bacon a wonderful side dish.Enjoy!...more

Black Mushroom Rice (Riz Djon-Djon)

Infused Water

Summer is approaching. Kids will be out of school soon if they are not already. Parents will start pulling their hair out by end of June. With the temperature rising, cooking will not be fun for many of us. One important thing we cannot forget is keeping the body hydrated. The answer, if you don’t like the taste of regular water, is Infused Water....more

My First Post -

My first post -I am a newbie full of ideas who is trying to figure out where I belong....more
@Darcie Thank you so much for the advice.more