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Amy Mascott is the creator of [], where she shares tools and resources parents can use to become the best teachers they can be for their children. Recognizing the power of collaboration in the education and parenting space, Amy built the community ‘we teach’, [] a network of parents and teachers who connect online and offline, share ideas, and grow as educators—no matter the classroom. ‘we teach’ has quickly become one of the most successful networks of its kind, with 6500+ members, reaching upwards of a million people online alone.


A Reading Specialist, writer, consultant, and mom to a crazy-cool 9, 8, and 6-year-old, Amy’s reflections on literacy, parenting, and social media have been featured on dozens of online and print publications, including Scholastic Parents, PBS Parents,, PBS Digital Studios, and more.   She hails from the Keystone State but lives in the DC Metro area where she’s either cheering for her kids on the soccer field, biting her nails during swim & dive meets, or buzzing around her kids’ elementary school, doing the Room Parent thing.

My Blogs

Say It Isn't So: Kindergarten Registration

Is something wrong with me? There has to be. I cannot be considered normal if walking into my daughter's soon-to-be elementary school makes me feel like I'm going to start ugly-crying.  It's a rite of passage that so many people look forward to with stars in their eyes--finally, their child will be in school, all day long! The learning to be done! The friends to be made! The adventures to yet embark upon!  ...more

Losing Teeth, Losing My Mind

"We better hope that the tooth fairy comes to Matthew and Seth's house tonight and puts some new teeth back into Seth's mouth, right Mommy?" Owen mumbled, glancing up at me, his mouth full of Cheerios. Milk was dripping towards his chin. The buzz of my every morning halted-I froze mid-way through buttering waffles, pouring orange juice, and packing lunch. I focused on the spot of milk that was caught in the dimple in Owen's chin, as I said in slow motion, "Yes, I guess so, Honey." ...more

Why maybe, just maybe, everyone should consider blogging. . .

I'm a rookie blogger. I'm a rookie blogger, and I'm totally proud of it. I'm new to the online communities, to Twitter, to avatars, to comment-leaving, widgets, and gadgets. I have too much to learn, and my site is too basic to even come close to competing with some of these incredible, seasoned, pro-blogging mom sites. Yet I love what I have created and couldn't be more proud of it. Never in a million years did I think I would be changing html codes or be researching 2 vs 3 column layouts. ...more