Terri Lively

I am a writer, mother of 3 and owner of Lively Copywriting who likes to blog about my life to anyone who will read it. 

Three Ways to Wow Your Clients This Week

 Like it or not, when you are a freelancer, you are in sales. Only unlike the traditional salesperson that is typically selling a product or service for an organization, the thing you are selling is yourself…and by that I mean your expertise, your professionalism and your customer service....more

Mommy Terms

Daylight Effing Savings Time

4:41 am Sunday morning “Ahaaaaa. Doooooo. Kaaaaaah. Kaaaaah.” Sings a happy little voice in my dream. Open eyes. Squint at clock projected on the ceiling, a sinister sentry in the predawn hours glaring down at me in red numbers. Close eyes. Maybe I didn’t hear anything. ...more

In 1984. AtariWriter Makes it Easier to Be a Better Writer (And I Thought Atari Just Made Me Good at Video Games)

When sifting through some memorabilia, I found an article in a yellowed edition of an old magazine that really made me realize how far technology has come for writers. Consider this ad from  “Home” magazine by the Los Angeles Times from July 22, 1984. ...more

My High Adventure

  The bark is rough on my cheek. I stretch my arms further around the tree, my hands digging into its grooves with my fingers. I am trying in vain to stabilize my precarious perch on the wooden platform that is swaying in the breeze at the top of the tree. I am literally a tree-hugger at this point, but not in the usual sense of the word. It is the conservation of me, not the tree, with which I am concerned…*****...more


You work hard on a post for hours. You choose your words very carefully. You make sure that the rhythm of the words is just so to deliver that emotional punch, or punch line depending on the tone of the piece.  You revise it. Then you revise it again. Sometimes you even sleep on it. Finally you are ready. You take a deep breath, you swallow back your insecurity, and you hit the publish button. The world can see what you have poured your time and energy into; the masterpiece that you are now sharing with them. Unfortunately, they can also see your typo. Sigh....more

Bold Maid

 "Nobody wants the old maid." -- sexist game makers, 2014  ...more

There is No Substitute for the Sweat and Starve

  When I was on the swim team in high school, the girls called me Annie. I wish it was because I had a sunny outlook about tomorrow but it wasn’t. They called me Annie because I was so skinny they thought I was anorexic. And oddly, aside from the lack of any boobs whatsoever for most of my life, I liked looking anorexic: super skinny but without all the annoying starving to death side effects. ...more