Ramen In The City

As a native New Yorker and foodie, I can honestly say that I have sampled and eaten almost everything that's been placed in front of me. From pigs' feet, octopus, snails, duck liver and staples like burgers & macaroni & cheese, I have enjoyed them all. That's why when my husband insisted that I should check out a Ramen place in Manhattan, I wasn't sure why I should. My first thought was what's so special about this Ramen place? To me, noodles were noodles until I saw it for myself. ...more

Is Compassion Inherent or Taught?

Are you a compassionate person? I thought I was until I read an article about one man's observations of human behavior from one city to another. In the first setting, he and his father come upon a homeless man while walking in the city and observes how people respond to the man's predicament. Every person who came upon this man pretended as thought he was invisible. Even his own father observed that whatever happened to this man was was unfortunate, adding that "he just needs to sleep it off".  ...more

Fee Charged To Women Who Need To Use The Restroom

Should anyone ever mandate one's personal hygiene? Should any society dictate who can use public restrooms and who shouldn't? If you had to pay to use the restroom because of your gender, what would you do? ...more

Poisoned Water As Deterrent For Educating Girls

Education has always been looked at as the cornerstone of a child's future. Most countries have the support to give children the education they need to succeed in the world. So imagine if your education was being sabotaged by radicals due to beliefs that girls should not be educated? ...more

Six-Year-Old Handcuffed & Suspended for Throwing a Tantrum at School

What would you do if you got a call saying that your child has been suspended for throwing a tantrum? Sound strange? It gets better. The child in question is Salecia Johnson, a 6-year-old kindergartener from Georgia who threw a tantrum, shoved some books off the shelves which hurt the principal. This was thought as just cause to call the police and place the child in handcuffs!  Are these people serious?? Handcuffing a 6-year-old for throwing a tantrum?? ...more
@vstembridge Thank you. I am shocked reading the replies. Yes, normal, 6-year olds who have not ...more

Weight Gain Mandatory For Israeli Models? What A Concept!

In light of the recent Ashley Judd article regarding body image, I thought it would be interesting to write about body image as it relates to the modeling industry and how it has affected the lives of young girls and how they perceive themselves because of it. Growing up in a country where being thin was considered the norm and anything more was subject to criticism, I would not realize the impact of this perception until I had a daughter myself.  ...more
@@BehavioralChild thank you for your comments and I do agree that it is a slippery slope once ...more

Where Women Rule The State

Since this is Women's Month, I thought it appropriate to write about a country where women are generally seen as second-class citizens, except in Meghalaya, India. In Meghalaya, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone male with a leadership position. This state has been flourishing as a matrilineal society for generations and has not been questioned until now. Where almost every country is run by patriarchal societies, Meghalaya's every governing body is headed by women. As amazing as this is, there is unrest among the men who have had to live with this system for quite a long time. ...more

Remembering My Teen Years Through My Daughter

It starts with waking up at 6 or 615am every morning for school. Most mornings start with a half-hearted attempt to wake up my daughter, making sure she gets moving since her school bus picks up at 740. If she's had enough sleep, waking her up only takes about 5 minutes, but if she hasn't, it takes her 15 minutes just to get out of bed. I remember times when it wouldn't take much cajoling to finally get out of bed, but it seems that as soon as she turned thirteen, her body clock just refused to cooperate with just cajoling. ...more

There Is Hope Beyond Obesity

How much would you be willing to do to help your child if it concerns their health? There have been numerous programs that deal with adult obesity, but there have been few that deal with child/teen obesity, until Wellspring Academy. ...more

Tweet Seats In Theaters? How Enjoyable Can That Be?

So how would you feel if your're trying to concentrate on a show or play you're watching, then you hear a vibrating sound next to you and realize that its someone tweeting? Believe it or not, tweeting is now condoned while watching plays or opera in theaters and are called "tweet seats". ...more
@victorias_view I so agree with you! I think all the nuances of watching any performance would ...more