Elizabeth White

46, widow, mother, jack of all trades & master of none.

I write about My Life, Such as it is...including family,  PTO, Cub Scouts, and whatever else I can think of.

I have a son who is9 years old and in 3rd grade.. I'm PTO President and my husband was Cubmaster of Charlie's Pack, now I am Cubmaster. I'm an avid reader,  love to travel, and I'm sorta crafty. We have 2 dogs, Ruby and Max. They are an interesting pair, providing lots of entertainment and blog fodder.

Eggshell Geodes - after school experiment

I love finding cool science experiments on Pinterest.  The plan is to incorporate some of these ideas into Cub Scout activities. I decided to try one of the experiments with the Posse as a test run....more
I can't wait to do this with JMP in a couple of years. ;-)more

Cat Names - Conversations with Charlie

My dad got a cat from Ft. Bend Animal Shelter over a month ago.   The cat is a small gray striped with white paws and chest. Dad named him Thomas the cat or Tom for short....more
I'm with Charlie -- Leroy is a good name for a cat!more

I love Joe Ledger! books that is

OMG! I am eternally grateful that I picked up “Patient Zero“ last month on a whim. I’m even more grateful that Denise mentioned the Rot & Ruin series by the same author, Jonathan Maberry.  I fell in love with both series immediately!...more
Haven't read it yet - but with Denise and now you recommending it I doubly looking forward to ...more

Baths are Torture!

My child is working my last nerves on this whole bathing thing. For the past 6 months or so, getting Charlie to take a bath or shower is worse than pulling teeth! What is it about little boys and not bathing?During the summer I make Charlie bathe everyday but during the winter his skin is so dry we switch to every other day. This has been the pattern since Charlie was a baby. It used to be that Charlie loved taking baths and would stay in for hours if we let him. As he has gotten older the bathing has become more and more of struggle....more

Throwback Thursday - I was a Girl Scout

I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout growing up. I loved Scouting and am happy that Charlie is involved in Scouts as well. Back when I was in Girl Scouts we wore our uniform to school on our meeting days. I had the complete uniform including the knee socks even as a Girl Scout. I kept my GS sash along with other bits and pieces of my uniform....more

Cookie Hierarchy - Deep Thoughts for a Saturday

I am currently under the weather with a nasty viral upper respiratory infection. Bad thing is being a virus I can’t really do anything to speed up the healing process medically speaking, just treat the symptoms, lots of fluids and rest. Good thing is my lungs are clear and all the mucus and phlegm is draining....more
texasebeth Not yet, but we haven't been introduced to Ledger yet. He's coming though, which is ...more

Conversations with Charlie - Rosa Parks

While dragging information out of Charlie about school last week this was the highlight of our conversation.Mommy – so what outclass did you have today?Charlie – library.Mommy – so what did Ms. Benjamin have y’all do in library today?Charlie – I got paired up with a nice girl named Jennifer. We have to do a report on Rosa Parks for African American history month....more
texasebeth I'm pretty impressed that he recognized "parks" as the author of Junie B Jones. So ...more

Origami Owl Living Locket necklace

My friend Kelly hosted an Origami Owl jewelry bar party a few months ago. I  enjoyed learning about Origami Owl and fascinated by the concept. I ended up purchasing a Living Locket, several charms and a chain.The concept is simple. A customizable locket in different metals and sizes with a wide variety of charms, tags, and plates to switch around as the mood strikes you.  A variety of necklace chains are available in different lengths, metals, and styles....more
This is pretty awesome.more

Gingerbread House and Ornament party 2013

I had the somewhat brilliant idea to host a Gingerbread House and Ornament making party in December.  At the time I was pretty sure I was delusional and/or insane.  But I went with it anyways....more
Awesome! Really awesome. I was jealous when I saw all the fun you were having. I'm still jealous.more

Conversations with Charlie - Halloween

Yesterday I showed Charlie the cute Snoopy Halloween t-shirt I bought him to wear to school today.Me – Hey Charlie, come see the shirt I bought for you to wear to school for Halloween.Charlie - Wow! Cool, awesome! (pause) Hey, wait a minute, wha? I have to go to school on Halloween?!Me – uh, yeah. Why wouldn’t you go to school?Charlie – But, but it’s HALLOWEEN! It’s a holiday and you don’t go to school on holidays!...more
LOL I'm with him.more