Memorial Day Movies: Hollywood Pays Tribute To Our Heroes

Our troops have long been one of Hollywood's favorite subjects, and what better day to take a look at some of the greatest war movies ever made than this one, a day when we stop to reflect on those who've made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of Freedom.Here's to the Heroes....more
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American Idol Finale: Who Cares About the Winner Let's Talk About Ace Young

TELL ME YOU SAW THAT. Oh, friends I hope you were watching because nothing can fully communicate to you how incredibly, jaw-droppingly, stomach-turningly awkward it was to watch a luscious locked [Idol season five finalist] Ace Young take a knee on national television and propose to [season three runner-up] Diana Degarmo. What followed was a whirlwind of awkward "to camera" professions of shock and excitement and Mickey-and-Mallory twanged shrieks of "OH BABY!"...more
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The Voice Finale Cliffs Notes: And...The...Winner...Is...

Last night, The Voice took up TWO HOURS of prime time for it's final finale (as opposed to it's first Finale on Monday eve). So it's totally understandable if you didn't make it through the epic coronation - and with that in mind, I thought I'd strip away the fat and see how much meat The Voice really served up in it's 119 minutes....more
Love the post, so true.  I sure thought Chris Mann had it all the way, I was shocked.  But they ...more

I'm a F*cking Fraud

All day, every day, I'm pretty much waiting for someone to figure out how unqualified I am at life. Each small success terrifies me because I'm certain that this time, THIS TIME? The gig will be up and the person on the other end of each opportunity will finally figure out that I have no business writing/editing/momming/being a grown up/generally existing, and the like....more
Gee, I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Thanks for sharing! I feel stronger already.more

Kentucky Derby: The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Celebrity Hats

Oh, Celebrities. You make everything more fun. Even The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.Hollywood headed south this weekend to lend their glitz to the Kentucky Derby's glamour, and the results, of course, do not dissapoint. Except for the Brits on a Royal Wedding Day, nobody does it better. (Or at least, nobody tries as hard.)...more
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[Video] The West Wing Reunion: Talking The Walk

If you've been fantasizing about Bartlett 2012, your dreams are about to come true. (I'm kind of an Allison Janney fanatic myself.) Fans of The West Wing rejoice, even if it's only for a few minutes this PSA from Funny or Die brings us right back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave as we remember it in the Sorkin years. Ah, the good ol' days....more
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Don't You Forget About Me: Molly Ringwald's Killer Reddit Interview

Molly Ringwald took to Reddit last week in an Ask Me Anything interview that put to rest any question that the 80's teen queen is as cool as you would hope she would be.  Because she is. Awesome.On how she manages to "get hotter with age":"I drink the blood of Kristen Stewart."On if she's seen the episode of Family Guy which references her:...more
Thrilling. Just thrilling.   She's coming to Milwaukee, as the headliner for The Moth's May 17 ...more

Top Five Movies About People In Worse Tax Situations Than You

If tax day has you wanting to crawl into a corner, consider the next best thing: curling up on the couch with a good movie and your knitting/wine/SO and getting lost in the troubles of strangers.Here's my list of the best movies about people who are hopefully in worse situations with the IRS than you are...5. The Blues Brothers (1980)...more
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Ashley Judd Tongue Lashes Culture of Criticism; It Burns

Have you read the piece that Ashley Judd wrote for The Daily Beast about the recent media attack on her "puffy face", but moreover about how not okay it is that such attacks even take place?  Because you really should....more
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The Creator of 'Two and a Half Men' is Awesome and Obviously Loves Women

Lee Aronsohn, the creator of Two and a Half Men is pretty fed up with all these flingin' flangin' chick loving, female-driven, hooray women shows on television. ...more
Maybe I need to watch more tv. I haven't seen any labial saturation.more