Facial Tattoos & Permanent Make-Up: How They’re Different…And How They’re Not.

{Today’s make-up free morning face, featuring still-healing brows and cruelty-free mink lash extensions} ...more

Allergy City: Population, Me. (But pretty worth it.)

It’s kind of a joy to take photos of people you really love. So my constant photojournaling of the Adventures of Scott and Dee is kind of the funnest and most worthwhile project ever ....more

Are Today’s Teenagers Really More Depraved? Why Stuebenville Didn’t Shock Me One Bit.

[Mom, this is going to be one of those posts. I know Dad stopped reading my blog without you pre-screening a long time ago and I'll just save you the trouble: You're going to want to go ahead and skip this one. Don't worry -- there's nothing you should know. Just...a few things you probably don't want to.] ...more

How The Irish Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day

They share their Lucky Charms. Happy St. Paddy’s Day from The Shanahan Clan!   ...more

Mama A and Baby Bea

Amy and I shared a bedroom for a year and an apartment for two more and now she’s the cutest Brooklyn Mama you ever did see. I feel lucky that despite our distance I get to see her and her little family as often as I do, because I love them all to pieces ....more


I’ve completely lost track of what day this was ....more

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Rehearsal

{via @kristenhowerton} Ahhhh, NYC. I just can’t quit you. I’m back (again) and this time it’s to step in front of the camera for the first time maybe ever (well, since film school) ....more

'Veronica Mars' Feature Kickstarter Reaches $2 Million Goal In 10 Hours

In one of the fastest Kickstarter campaigns in history, Kristin Bell and Rob Thomas have successfully raised $2 Million dollars to produce a Veronica Mars movie with a projected start date of this summer....more
makiahisms thanks you Makiah!more

Paper Cuts

Eiko Ojala is an Estonian Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Maker of the most captivating color paper cuttings I think I’ve ever laid eyes on. I could look at these all day ....more


Subconsciously, I think I like to surround myself with people who are just so intensely talented that I have no choice but to feel like no matter what I did I could never replicate their creativity and brilliance. Keeps me hungry. Like a rabid lion. Rowr ....more