There Are Three Primary Colors

None of them (or all of them) are in this picture. Unrelated (related) Delilah and I can’t stop singing this “Primary Colors” song that Ok Go did for Sesame Street. Plus I’m kind of obsessed with the video ....more

Holy Hail

I know there are those of you in more inclement parts of the country are probably looking at this going “so, that’s hail” but THIS IS LOS ANGELES and THAT IS CRAZY ASS HAIL!!! If I were more of an alarmist I’d be crying armageddon but I’m like totally rational and stuff, so instead I’ll just show you these pictures ...more

Isn’t He Handsome?

I just love him so ....more

She Gives Me Fever

She’s been home from school with a fever since Tuesday and it’s been a challenge, to say the least. Cold season shows no sign that it is slowing over here. But I wish it would, since I just signed Delilah up for full days at school and I have to pay for them whether she attends or not ....more

Work/Work Balance

The last few years of my life have taken an unexpected turn that has pulled me further from the business I came up through and spent my childhood dreaming about and into a business that I never imagined would even exist. I’m grateful and frustrated all at the same time ....more

It Has Been A Really Long Week (Yes I Know It’s Monday)

But I am determined to catch up on my photos and get this project back on track. Today is day sixty two. Which just so happens to be my lucky number ....more

Oscar Night Social Media Style: The Show In Tweets

Ahhhh Oscar Night on the Internet. What did we do when we had to just watch awards shows with our families and talk to each other like cave people? ::Shudder::It can't be long now before they release a TV with twitter picture in picture to complete the experience, and I'll be the first in line. Because Twitter? I love you as much as I love movies, especially when you're mocking the people that make them.Let's begin shall we? {I feel that I should warn there's explicit language ahead.}...more

Kindred Spirits

A lot of the folks closest to us have made mass exodus from Los Angeles over the past five or so years. My beloved Lindsey is no exception ....more

Haven't Had Time To Watch All The Oscar Contenders? We've Got Your Cliffs Notes!

With NINE nominees in the Best Picture category alone, it's not easy to watch every film up for an award at this year's 85th Annual Academy Awards. Tomorrow night we'll be live-tweeting the event (follow @blogherpop to play along), and I personally will be taking a shot every time host Seth MacFarlane slips in to his Stewie Griffin voice (Oscars drinking game anyone?) so expect the tweeting to get saucier as the night goes on....more
saw Armour last night and was blown away but it's Argo FTW.more