The Grammys 2012 - Did You Watch?

First of all CBS and Grammys, I have a bone to pick with you. In the age of Twitter, it is absolutely unacceptable to force us West Coasters to watch awards shows three hours behind. Not. Cool....more
With you all the way girl! Love LL Cool J, Chris Brown ugh. Adele awesome and just a really ...more

Where Do Broken Hearts Go: Whitney Houston Dead at 48

Whitney Houston has passed away at the age of 48. The performer was pronounced dead just before 4pm today at the Beverly Hilton Hotel despite efforts to resuscitate her, according to an LAPD spokesman....more
The voice that was Whitney Houston. I will always love that voice.more

"The Voice" Roars into Season Two

Are you watching The Voice? The singing competition show debuted fairly quietly last year, with most of the buzz surrounding it's impressive judging panel. Momentum grew steadily over the first season, and it was well poised to make a grab for it's piece of the pop culture landscape this year. It may have done more than that. With a Super Bowl lead in Sunday's premiere managed to pull in the highest ratings of a non-sporting event in over six years. Look out American Idol....more
I hope she doesn't listen. For most women, the voices inside our own heads are harsh enough ...more

Matthew Broderick Sells Ferris Bueller's Soul to Honda: Chicka-Chicka

Ever since a tantalizing ten seconds of a present-day Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller hit the web last week, speculation over "...more
I agree with the empty feeling. The jokes just weren't clever enough, especially because we're ...more

We're Live Tweeting Downton Abbey! Join Us!

It was bound to happen. BlogHers -- and pretty much everyone else -- are frothing at the mouth for this addictive series from MASTERPIECE and Jane, Julie, and ...more

BlogHer Exclusive: Brooke White on the Release of Jack and White's "Winter"

Relatable is kind of a buzz word these days, isn't it?  And yet, when considering American Idol alum Brooke White, it's the word that comes screaming to mind...  She's as down to earth as she is earthy, and she's as brazenly in love with social media as the rest of us.  She's also about to be a Mama for the first time. ...more

American Idol Season 11: Killing Us With Kindness

Ahhh...another year, another season of American Idol. Over the years I've run the gamut from loyal fan to fair weather friend, only tuning in to the final twelve in recent years, preferring not to get emotionally attached to hopefuls and watch their dreams smashed after experiencing some ups and downs in my own creative career....more

Did Beyonce & Jay-Z Welcome Baby Blue Ivy by Locking Parents Out of NICU?

It's the sensationalist headline rising through the Google rankings. Several sources are reporting a story that goes something like "Beyonce Prevents Average Joe From Brooklyn from Visiting Twins in NICU"....more
I had to read this a few times to let it sink in, wow....just wow. If they wanted privacy why ...more

Cee Lo Green Alters IMAGINE Lyric, Outrages Pacifists Everywhere

Cee Lo Green, what ever were you thinking? You're kicking off 2012 by performing John Lennon's beloved IMAGINE on New Years Eve with Carson Daly, and rather than just add your own artistic spin to the arrangement, you choose to switch up perhaps the most controversial lyric to the late superstar's anthem of universal love......more
I am amused that atheists, agnostics and pacifists are up and arms over Green's new lyrics. John ...more

Movies that Moved in 2011: Tired of Previews Looks Back

This year, I have been lucky enough to dig deep into the BlogHer-o-sphere and get to know some of the incredible women who lend their voices to the world of Entertainment writing. One of those ladies? Katy of Tired of Previews, who has gone from fan to bona fide movie critic while finding her calling, and her own brand of reviewing which comes free of spoilers.Here, Katy links up some of the films which moved her this year - in no particular order:...more
WOW! Thank you Morgan. I am so happy you enjoy my reviews. Happy New Year! Katymore